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Six years ago, Baekhyun discovered his best friend Sehun’s affair with his girlfriend Minjoo. The pair left him for dead, but six years later, Baekhyun is back for revenge. He plans to ruin Sehun and Minjoo, starting with their marriage and ending with their livelihoods.


Baekhyun wants to be the villain who gets revenge and a happy ending, but he can’t have both.


CHARACTERS: Byun Baekhyun, Lee Jieun, Oh Sehun, Song Minjoo

AUs: cheating!au, revenge!au, villain!au

GENRES: angst, drama, romance

WARNINGS: cursing, misogyny, minor depictions of violence (no gore), ual implications (no explicit ), some mentions of blood

INSPIRATIONS:  The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas; “Used To Be My Girl” by The Last Shadow Puppets


byun baekhyun
lee jieun
oh sehun
song minjoo


“Sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread;
they may satisfy appetite for the moment,
but there is death in them at the end.”

―Tryon Edwards, A Dictionary of Thoughts


“Vengeance was one hell of a roommate.”

―J.R. Ward, Dark Lover




I have a lot of other fics that I need to finish, but I’ve been thinking about this plot for so long now that I thought it would be a good time to FINALLY write it.

After all, who doesn’t like HOT, PROBLEMATIC, and MORALLY AMBIGUOUS characters????

Some notes:

  • Another scandal-filled story because I can never get enough
  • Hopefully a realistic depiction of what seeking revenge can lead to
  • Inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Baekhyun as a villain of his own kind

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This is my entry to Xodó Writing Contest!

I am using Prompt #1, #23 (quoted above).



Do NOT plagiarize, repost, or translate my work.

I JUST POSTED!!!!! Tbh I will be adding more edits here and there BUT THE STORY IS DONEEEEE. I hope you all enjoy!!
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