Chapter 5


The 2-day competition has arrived and everyone who didn't have a car was shuttled to the hotel close to the convention centre were the contest was to take place. They had to draw lots for who they will be rooming in with but everyone knew that Hwasa would force her way into being in the same room as Wheein and Chaeryeong would do the same to be around Lia's company. Ryujin knew Solar picked Yuna as her roommate so she was left wondering when the latter was found in her room with Yeji.

"Where's Moonbyul?" Ryujin asked.

Yuna just shrugged. "I gave up on figuring out who's sleeping with who, to be honest."

Yeji let out a giggle, "That sounded super wrong, hun."

"Hun, you have a very dirty mind," the younger girl countered, throwing a pillow towards their captain.

Ryujin suddenly felt a little out of place so she decided to leave the two and excused herself out of the room.

She was waiting for the lift when she felt a hand on hers. Ryujin jumped at the contact but relaxed at the sight of a pair of fox eyes and the cutest smile. "Hi."


The two had been walking around hand-in-hand, making sure that they do not go too far from the hotel. There was an afternoon event after all so they were expected to be at the convention centre by 6PM.

"This area is quite urbanized huh?" Yeji said as she looked around the buildings.

"Yeah, but it's clean and pretty," Ryujin agreed. She looked at the girl next to her and offered, "Would you like me to take a photo of you?"

Yeji's eyes twinkled, "Do you mind?"

"Not at all," the younger girl said, releasing the hand that she had been holding since they got on the lift.

Ryujin took a few photos for Yeji and every time the latter changes into a new pose, Ryujin momentarily forgets how to breathe. "Seriously, it's so pretty," she said as she handed Yeji's phone back to her. The younger dancer really meant that for Yeji but didn't know how to say it so she made it into a double-entrende, making it seem like she was talking about their surroundings.

"I know, I'm pretty," Yeji said in mock confidence.

Ryujin decided to go with the playful banter and rolled her eyes, "This is why you don't get nice things, babe." It was a slip of the tongue but Ryujin knew she wouldn't be able to come up with any sort of excuse for the term of endearment she certainly had not used on anyone before. And it was also definitely not because Yeji and Yuna called each other 'hun' back in the hotel room.

Yeji seemed unfazed apart save for the subtle blush covering her cheeks. She was so engrossed looking at the pictures that the younger dancer took for her.

Ryujin took her hand and started leading the way back to the hotel, "Let's go. We don't want the captain running late. I'm sure the coach wouldn't appreciate that."


They were at the convention centre for the opening ceremony of the contest. The final speeches were being given but it was getting rather late and everyone was just keen to get a good night's rest.

Yeji let out a yawn. Ryujin, who was sitting next to her, started rubbing her back, "Sleepy, babe?"

Yeji's heart skipped a beat. She really should be used to hearing that from the younger girl since it seemed to have become their thing now. She started it after all. It's what friends do nowadays, right? she tried to say to herself.

"Yeah, it's past my bed time," Yeji joked.

Ryujin moved her hand from the taller girl's back to pat her head, "Such a baby. Sometimes I wonder who's older."

"Shut up," Yeji said, sporting a pout. Ryujin giggled at the sight.

When the ceremony is finished, everyone started walking back to the hotel. There were some girls who approached their group to start a conversation, but it was evident that they wanted to talk to Ryujin and Moonbyul the most.

Solar stood next to Yeji and complained, "That girl asked for their numbers. What for? Does she think our members are the sort of people who would just give their numbers to anyone?"

Yeji agreed but decided to just keep quiet.

Moonbyul and Ryujin waved goodbye to the other girls and walked back to their unnies. "Hey they invited us to hang out in their rooms later, they will be playing some games," Ryujin said.

"Would you like to come?" Moonbyul added.

Yeji felt a bitter taste in her tongue. She knew I was sleepy, she thought. "Nah, it's okay. I'm kind of ready for bed. I'll head off to sleep," she said and tried her best not to act disappointed - because why would she feel that way? "Have fun!" she said as she started walking away.

Solar tried to catch up to her. "Yeah, me too. Enjoy your night ladies!" she heard her say.


Yeji intially felt sorry for Yuna because the girl seemed excited to hang out with her but Yeji told her she was sleepy. Now, she's unable to get a shut eye and can't stop herself from tossing and turning. She was grateful to hear the younger one's snoring, indicating that she's sound asleep.

It was nearly 11PM and Ryujin was not back in their room. She was ready to get up and walk around the hotel when she heard the door open and saw a sliver of light come through the room. Yeji immediately closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

She heard the shower go off and just when she was about to fall asleep to the sound of running water, the noise stopped and a few minutes later, she felt the bed dip in the space between her and Yuna.

"Babe? You awake?" she heard Ryujin whisper.

Yeji kept up with her pretense that she was asleep so she didn't answer. "I wish you'd come with. I thought that'll take your mind off of things," Ryujin said quietly.

Ryujin blamed it on being half asleep and decided that it was her mind playing tricks on her when she heard Yeji whisper back, "Yeah I wish I did."

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