Chapter 3


"Is that all you're eating?" Yeji asked as she took a seat next to Ryujin who only bought a small piece of apple pie.

It was after practice and they all decided to get something to eat as usual. Ryujin had been trying not to spend so much since she was trying to save up for the clothes they will have to buy for the competition. She'd let her parents know that she wanted to pay half of the price even though they insisted that they can handle it.

Ryujin gave out a small smile, "Yeah, I'm not hungry and I'm trying to save up." She wasn't sure why she had the urge to say the last bit but it felt right to just be an open book when it comes to Yeji.

"Here, you can have some of my food," Yeji offered.

The younger girl declined, "No, it's okay. Really. That's your food, unnie."

"I insist," Yeji said, pushing her food closer to Ryujin.

"No, no. It's your food. Eat it! You need it too. You're our star dancer, you have to work the hardest with all the flips and whatnot," Ryujin countered with a smile.

Yeji sighed. "Okay, well give me a second," she said before getting up and walking away.

Is she upset? Ryujin thought and she was about to call after the taller girl when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Hey, are you feeling better now?" Chaeryeong asked.

Ryujin nodded, "Yeah, you know mum wouldn't let me out of the house until I'm 100%."

"Which is good because knowing you, you will just keep pushing through until you pass out," Lia chimed in. Chaeryeong nodded in agreement. "Did anyone tell you, you're so stubborn?"

"Yes, like you two. Every ing day, thank you very much," Ryujin answered.

"Are we wrong?" Chaeryeong challenged. When Ryujin didn't answer, she raised her hand to Lia for a high-five.

Ryujin was about to say something back when she felt Yeji slip back in her seat. Suddenly, there was a tray of food slipped in front of her too. Ryujin looked at Yeji questioningly.

"You've declined my offer earlier because you didn't want to take my food so I got you your own. Now eat," Yeji said as she started eating.

Ryujin felt something warm spread across her chest because of the gesture but she was also a bit embarrassed and felt like she was a burden to the other girl, "B-but-"

"No but's. Just eat," Yeji said in a more demanding tone as she motioned at Ryujin's food with her head. "You're so stubborn," she whispered but enough for Ryujin to hear.

She smiled and started to eat. "Yeah, I've been told," she said, remembering the conversation she just had with her friends.


"5 6 7 and-" Moonbyul and Solar were left in the studio because the coach asked Moonbyul to help Solar with some of the steps.

Solar, clearly frustrated, stopped dancing and let out a loud sigh, "This is your fault! Coach thought we were always bickering and now I'm stuck here with you for some team-building ."

"Well, weren't you just about to start another argument then?" Moonbyul asked with a raised eyebrow.

Solar glared at her. "I was just stating the obvious. I wasn't giving any room for argument because I'm right," she said as she started walking to the corner and sat on the floor.

Moonbyul's shoulders sagged at this but recomposed herself as she approached the older girl and sat next to her. She looked over her shoulder to see Solar sporting the cutest pout. She's too cute. "Hey..."

Solar turned towards her dance partner, eyes screaming murder. "What?"

Even though an angry Solar was deemed intimidating by some of their members, Yeji included, Moonbyul was never afraid - rather she felt more motivated to bring any sort of reaction out of the girl. "I'm sorry," Moonbyul started, her features softening. She meant it.

Solar took her gaze away from Moonbyul and stared at the dance floor in front of her. The younger one took that as a signal to keep explaining herself, "Uh... I know I sometimes go overboard with my jokes and pranks. I regret it as soon as I see that you're no longer very happy about me. So I would like to apologise. It IS my fault, like you said." Moonbyul took a deep breath, as if air will provide some sort of confidence to acknowledge what she was saying.

"I was being too much. I've only been teasing you a lot because I like getting reactions from you. Is that weird?" she asked Solar. When she got no response, she continued, "I'm not very good with emotional and stereotypical girly stuff so I don't know what to talk to you about. I figured that teasing you was the only way I can interact with you - at least it's the only way I know how to," Moonbyul said. Her words dying in as she spoke. She was not used to talking about how she felt.

Solar snickered which Moonbyul was not expecting at all. The older girl looked at her and said, "Yeah, I figured. For some reason, imagining you being all nice and soft just does not sit very well." Solar's dimples started to appear as she continued, "I accept your apology. I will try to be nicer... IF you can cut me some slack?"

Moonbyul looked at the outstretched hand in front of her and took it, "You got yourself a deal, Miss Kim." Her hand's so soft. She thought as she shook it.


"Ryujin, where are you going?" Yeji asked when she saw the younger girl walking with the others towards the opposite direction.

They were at the carpark of the fast food chain and said their goodbyes. Ryujin was going to take the public transport with the rest of the group although she will have to take a different bus as she lives on the other side of town.

"Uhm, I'm catching the bus," Ryujin said.

Lia looked at her and said, "But it's late and you're jumping on a different bus on your own, right?"

"Wheeinie and I can just go with her and then we'll just stay at my grandma's place for the night. It's in the same area," Hwasa offered.

"Oh no, it's okay! I can handle myself," Ryujin said, frantically waving her hands in protest.

"You guys can go and make sure to let me know in the group chat when you're home," Yeji said as she opened her car's passenger door. "Ryujin, I'm dropping you off."

"Thank you, unnie!" Chaeryeong said, walking towards the bus stop with Lia's hands on hers. The others followed suit while Ryujin was still stuck in the same spot.

Yeji raised her eyebrow. "Babe, we don't have all night," she said. "Jump in, I don't bite," the fox-eyed girl added with a smirk.

Ryujin always acted weird when receiving affection - as if she doesn't know what to do with it. She felt her legs go a little weak at the term of endearment that the older girl used to address her. Nevertheless, she mustered all her remaining energy to walk towards the car.

When Ryujin got in, it took her a couple of minutes to realise that Yeji has not started driving. She turned to look at the other girl and found her blatantly staring at her. Suddenly, Ryujin felt conscious about how she looks.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Yeji questioned.

Ryujin started going through her bag and looking around her.  She looked at Yeji, confusion written all over her face, "Don't think so?"

Yeji shook her head, "Okay, well pardon me."

Before Ryujin could ask the older girl what she meant, all thoughts have been forgotten when she felt Yeji lean towards her and reach for something behind her head. All Ryujin could process was floral, coconut, powder, and musk. And Yeji's ethereal beauty. She can't be real, Ryujin thought.

The sound of the seatbelt clicking in place brought Ryujin out of her trance. "There you go. Now it's safe to drive out," Yeji said.

The two dancers sat in comfortable silence for the most part of the ride to Ryujin's house - spare for the times that the other girl talked about the routine and what else she thought needed to be improved. Ryujin gave her two cents whenever the conversation called for it.

As they pulled up in front of Ryujin's house, Yeji said, "You must be tired? You've been looking pensive the entire time."

Ryujin looked at her, a bit surprised about her senior's keen observation. She had that feeling in the pit of her stomach again. The good feeling of being cared for. "Yeah, must still be recovering from being sick as a dog," she said with a smile. "But I'll be fine. Thank you for the ride, unnie."

Ryujin got out of the car. She paused for a second before running around to the driver's side. Yeji winded the window down for her, looking confused.

"Uhm, I forgot something," Ryujin said.


Before Yeji could even finish her sentence, Ryujin leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for always dropping me off. Drive safe and message me when you're home, please."

Ryujin hastily went inside their house without giving the group captain a chance to respond.

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