Love Me Not

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Spending at least twice a week religiously at the corner of the park to pluck the petals of the love me not flowers and whisper "He loves me.. He loves me not.' she would get what she wanted but unfortunately each time she ended up walking home in disappoint each time. You would think that maybe it was time for her to move on and found another 'hobby' but she thought differently she was positive that todays results would be different. She had actually held a conversation with him and even received a compliment from him for her nice necklace that she had borrowed from her older sister but he didn't need to know that because from that day she had claimed that necklace as hers. Repeating the same process she had done for the past two days, she made sure this time to start the other way.

'He loves me .. He loves me not'                                    

"He loves me!" she shouts with glee holding the little white petal in the air. This must be a sign! Maybe he actually did feel the same way she felt for him. Her heart fluttered at the thought. Determined to see this through, she made her mind up that she will confess her feelings to the one and only Byun Baekhyun!


Hi everyone! This is going to hopefully be a relatively short story. I'm going to release the first chapter soon once I finish making the final edits to it. I'm hoping to send out chapters at least every week but no guarantee lol. Also this is all for fun so if there is any errors please feel free to tell me as I am here to improve my writing skills

I would be very grateful if someone could make cover for this or could redirect me to someone who can thank you! (:



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