all we need of hell


seungwan calls it an alignment of fate but joohyun thinks it's just a fluke. it doesn't matter what they call it, at the end of the day, bae joohyun is bound to the devil herself. and there is no such thing as peace with the devil literally hovering over your shoulder.

or a lucifer!seungwan and mortal!joohyun au.


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hello!!! thanks for checking this out!!! i have no idea how this fic will go but i guess we'll find out together.
i've been holding on to this idea ever since rockstar!wendy dropped but i finally decided i'll make this my final wr fic before i ReTiRe. so i hope you'll stick around with me for one more time, and that you'll enjoy what's to come!

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it's been 30 chapters and they haven't kissed, is this counted as slowburn?
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