i guess i'm in love


College. Love. Soccer. And gay panic. (I don't know how to make summaries. Also this fic is written in tagalog and english, so this is for my fellow Filo somnias and ujungs!)


This is written in one shot style (?) in a single universe. You'll get it.

Mabuhay tayong lahat mga bakla! 

Please excuse the tagalog parts, bisaya ako eh and I apologize if may parts na straight (HAHAHA) english, di ko maexpress yung parts na yun in tagalog.

i recently started a social media au on twitter, its in taglish still and i just wanted to share it here for anyone who wants to check it out :) https://twitter.com/goldenyooh/status/1448893442503806979


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Chapter 3: NOICE
Chapter 4: Halaaaa wala na next otornim???