Prompt #4: Sugar Mommy

Random Wenrene prompts cause ✨why not✨
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"Yes, Wannie?"


"What's all this?"


Joohyun looked at the stack of wrapped gifts that Seungwan is pointing at with a furrowed forehead. Clearly not seeing what's wrong with it.


"What's wrong with it??"


Seungwan looked at Joohyun incredulously. Does her lover really not see what's wrong with it?


"Why did you spend your money again on me???"


Seungwan looked at Joohyun sternly. Her eyes glaring into her sheepish looking girlfriend who's scratching her neck nervously.


"Hun you really need to stop randomly spending your money on me or else the sugar mommy joke from Joy and Yeri will never stop"


Seungwan reprimanded Joohyun to which the latter answered by briefly saying yes and then looking away while muttering to herself 

"Better me than someone else getting called your sugar mommy"

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