Prompt #2: Voice

Random Wenrene prompts cause ✨why not✨
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Wendy has a confession to make. ONE… She absolutely hates calls. She hates how it makes her anxious, hates how some people would call her without prior notice, hates how she's forced to answer them cause if she didn't the person calling would probably think she's rude but most of all she hates the fact that she's obsessed with calls now. Something she despises is now part of her daily routine. 


How the mighty have fallen…


And number two, she lied about confession numero uno…


She absolutely ING. LOVE. CALLS.


Don't get her wrong though. It still makes her anxious, still irks her when someone calls without prior notice, still abhor how she's forced to answer them most of the time but the moment the screen of her phone lights up and it shows that it was that certain someone calling her. She can't help but think that maybe just maybe she doesn't mind calls anymore.


Because as much as she hates calls and the anxiety and annoyance it brings. It's all worth it if it meant hearing her favorite music even if she's halfway around the world.


Irene's voice...


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