One-shot #1: Eclipse

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Have you ever heard the story of how humanity was created? 


According to the legends, humanity was created to the likeness of the very gods that rule and watch over them. They are the most perfectly imperfect creation of the gods for as much as they share the gods best and honorable traits, they also share their deepest darkest imperfections. For that very reason humanity has many taboos that they frown upon. Taboos that the gods themselves have and frown upon too…


But as much as taboos are frowned upon there is one such exception to that. A taboo that the gods wish they could change and fix.


That taboo is… 


that a child of the light cannot love a child of the darkness. 


For their love is bound to be doomed. As they might fall victim to the same cruel fate that their parents once did. If only the god of sun and the god of moon knew that the fate of their children is much much crueler than what happened to the two of them. If only they knew...


It was never supposed to happen...


The embodiment of the sun was never supposed to be in love with the embodiment of the moon and the embodiment of the moon was never supposed to be in love with the embodiment of the sun. But fate likes to play cruel games and the heart is nothing but a fickle thing easily messed with.


When they first met, the two of them were nothing but little children unaware of the cruel fate they'll have later in life. Both were unsure of one another when they first met back then at the gatherings of the gods. They were both too young to be there but both their parents have brought them along with them for reasons still unknown to this day. Wary as they are of one another, one cannot control a child's curious mind. 


Both of them later played with one another, warnings from their parents about how a child of light and a child of darkness cannot be friends with one another long forgotten, as they run around the garden, laughing and giggling their hearts out as their friendship starts.


Years go by and no one knew of this forbidden friendship that the two have. They always made sure to meet, play and hang out in secret places their parents have no knowledge of, for they knew that if their parents found out that they were friends the two of them would never see each other ever again. Throughout the years the two of them went on numerous adventures, spent countless time together and learned so much about themselves and the world around them at the same time. 


The two of them saw how the earth started from a barren wasteland, to becoming a place teeming with flora and fauna, and the start of humanity when they first learned how to walk. Along the way the two of them realized that they have developed feelings for the other but neither informed the other as they are afraid that confessing will change how the other looks at them.


By the time Seungwan was 16, she was summoned by her parents to their abode domicilium deorum, the dimension where the gods reside, telling her that they have important news for her. 


She can still vividly remember how the news told to her by her parents forever changed her life, still recall how she plucked up the courage just to confess to Joohyun that day only for her entire world to come crashing down on her, to this day she still vividly recall ho

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