because i'm really that desperate i'm sorry ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ


my decision to make an ad for myself has been finalised when i dreamt of having a boyfriend last night... yeah so my needs have manifested themselves into my dreams >___< thank you so much subconscious self!!! *sarcastic tone*

so here's what i'm looking for:

- someone who can give me attention 24/7 (be clingy and spam me with messages pls T___T that's so cute i like hehe)

- someone to spend time with me... like watch movies together (horror hehe, but any genres work with me!) or play games together (ml, league, minecraft, genshin na and asia, plato) or join rps with me! or do cpdp or like show off each other on twt or have matching dc status!! whatever it is that's sickeningly sweet and cute!!!

- since i'm searching for new fwbs/oomfs/bfs on aff.... i tend to be very picky *haha* i'm really sorry... :is on knees: but uhhh i'm really craving for kun and hendery fcs... but any wayv or nct fc will do >___<

- now that i've mentioned fwbs... pls be of age ok T___T mdni!!! we don't wanna be catching cases here!!! *scared* fyi i'm of age and i'm *very* nsfw too sooooo yeah hehe

note: iย multidate btw! and i flirt quite a lot so i'd prefer if you're single... or nd/nsa at least... or if you multidate too yeah....

now here's what you'll receive in return:

- an fwb/oomf/gf/bf... someone who will crush on you and simp for you (uh but if you don't want any feelings involved pls let me know beforehand ok)

- a ten, jungwoo, yangyang, sana, mina, tzuyu, winter, nako, or yiren! these are my fcs that i switch to and fro from time to time ^____^

- a... baby? everyone around me calls me baby but i can be a mommy too (real) i'm a switch with sub lean and a full time bottom (idk maybe you can teach me how to top or something)

- more entertainment :DDD i have a collection of memes and dad jokes and pick up lines ready that will make you smile!! and laugh!! and make you go "why do i even talk to this kind of person?!?!"

- a listening ear <3 you had a good day? vent to me about it. you had a bad day? talk to me about it too. you had a boring day? tell me what made it so boring. your day going so weird?? ok rant to me about it too! anything!! i'm also not easily triggered so don't worry <3

note 2: your tz doesn't matter, i'm a +8 but i sleep like a minus sometimes heh

i'm available on discord, twitter and kakaotalk so pm me if you're interested! send in your deets over there or ask me to send mine! whatever works for you! :DD

ok i know this has been quite of long read for you so thank you and kudos for making it this far ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

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