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In a world of past lives and soulmates, Baekhyun is the lonely god of darkness, cursed to fall in love with a mortal who never remembers him. He can only hope that the thousandth time is the charm.


“Fingertips have memories, and mine can’t forget the curves of your body.”


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“Fingertips have memories. Mine can’t forget the curves of your body.”

―Harvey Danger, “Flagpole Sitta”


CHARACTERS: Baekhyun, Haru (OC), EXO, and more to be revealed!

AUs: soulmate!au, pastlives!au

GENRES: fantasy, romance, some fluff, some angst

WARNINGS: some ual implications (no ), mentions of blood

INSPIRATIONS: “Past Lives” by Borns; Age of Adaline (2015); that one line from “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger




I’ve always wanted to write a story centered around past lives and the concept of soulmates, so here it is. Other tags include:

  • Black-haired Baekhyun because it’s the obvious choice
  • References to art, history, and music in general
  • Story takes place in 2021 but has fantasy elements
  • Lots of symbolism

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did when writing it!




Do NOT plagiarize, repost, or translate my work.

I posted Part 2! The story is now complete. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
Leave a comment/upvote please! I love reading and replying to you all. 💕


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crimsonnr4 #1
Chapter 2: beautifully written🤍🖤
Ninetailsfox #2
Chapter 2: I found this story just now... This was so beautiful
This is so good
Chapter 2: This was perfect 💓
Chapter 2: I had this fic on my reading list for a while and I'm glad I finally had time to catch up. This is beautiful, it made me feel so many emotions, especially in the second chapter after Baekhyun's secret was revealed! 💖

The way you portray your characters and describe their thoughts and feelings is very creative. I think I fell in love with your writing style 😭 skfjkd I'll take a look at your other EXO fics too when I got more free time (uni is kicking my rn lol).
Also, the way you incorporated art into this fic is amazing! I don't think I've ever read anything comparable. As someone who likes art, I really enjoyed this as well.

The ending was so sweet and heartwarming, exactly what I needed. 😭 She became the goddess of light, ahhhh that's the most perfect ending you could have given these characters. 🤧 I'm melting hsjfhdjs 😭💖

Take my upvote and thanks for sharing this. 🌼😄
dontwantheaven #6
Chapter 2: This was lovely...
sundaedream #7
Chapter 2: Cute💖😍
Chapter 2: I love the ending!
It is a great short story!
wijoolim #9
Chapter 1: It is beautiful!
It got lost in my subscriptions, so I am reading it just now.