the first thing you see
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Seulgi's head hung low, books held close to her chest, avoiding any gazes of people as she walked through the university's crowded corridor. And with that, she peacefully arrived at her first class in the morning. Way too early in the morning, you may say since there were still only a few students occupying the silent room. 


The girl realized this and just resorted to taking a harmless nap. Removing her glasses, with her folded arms placed atop the long table, she rested her head on her arms. Her eyes were bleary but she sees a woman's figure entering the room, walking towards her direction. She dismisses it due to sleep inviting her, and she finally closes her eyes. 


After 20 minutes, her phone vibrates that was supposed to wake her up but being the heavy sleeper she is, it was quite useless. Then after a minute or two, she felt someone poking her waist and being also ticklish, she immediately jolts up from her seat. 


"What the hell?" Her voice was still raspy and her face was horribly scrunched up due to the intrusion in her sleep. 


"Well, that finally did the trick." A woman's voice, she heard from beside her but didn't mind as she scrambles to look for her glasses although fails, 


then a hand reaches out to her, her glasses gently wrapped in it. Seulgi hasn't seen the other person yet but she wonders how it got to them. 


"It fell off the table while you were sleeping so I kept it for a minute. Better be careful from having this stepped on, right?"

"Sorry for tickling you too. I had no choice because you wouldn't wake up even when I kept shaking you."

"You're welcome." The woman chuckles, and Seulgi couldn't help but feel embarrassed but that voice and that small laugh,

It was sweet, gentle, and soothing. She feels like she could sleep again after hearing it. But instead, she slightly shook her head to wake her self.


Slowly, she took her glasses from the stranger's hand, their palms brushing against each other in a very minimal second but still was felt by both. Seulgi looked up to thank the stranger at least. 


Then and there, the stranger's utterly beautiful face was the first thing she saw on her first day.



The girl's name was Irene. And Seulgi thought it fit her. She feels at most peace when she's with her even if it usually takes long before she feels comfortable around a person she just met. She discovered that Irene was a year older, but they were in the same year because the older girl started late in college.


"I didn't really know what path was for me. And I'm lucky that my parents didn't pressure me about it. Until after watching hundreds of movies while I was only staying at home, there was this particular horror movie that kind of got me to law."

She was eagerly sipping her strawberry shake, the only drink Irene would buy at the cafe next to their university.


"So are you into defending people who claim they were possessed while committing crime?" 


Irene bursted out laughing, and thank god she's already gulped down her drink before doing so.


"Hey, it's not like that, silly!" Seulgi joins her, even if having a laugh was a rare occasion to her.


"I like the one with Emily Rose, by the way." 


"Holy , that's the movie I was telling you! Oh my god, we better rewatch that together." 


"I think that's a good idea." And their laugh dies down, smiles still plastered on their faces.



"But wait, I forgot to ask you a while ago, how about you?"


"Ah, my course? I'm taking arts." 


"Hmm, interesting. But why are we on the same class a while ago in International Human Rights subject?" Her eyes get big when she's curious about something. It's just another observation.


"I mostly wanna do works that speak for human rights, so I might as well get some background knowledge for it. then if I get to be successful with it, the funds will go to some human rights facilities." She stirs her drink, and she remembers why that's what she wanted to do in the first place. 


But before she gets drowned in her thoughts, a voice pulls her back.


"I like that. Not many people do things like that for a living anymore."  Some good silence enveloped them, and Seulgi wonders how this person in front of her seem acquainted with the silence she oftenly cause with her lack of words to say. When other people she encountered before dislikes it, turning away from her company.


But Irene, learning that she already joined various clubs today, sharing her fascination about the law, mentioning random names of people she just met today, she knew they were opposites. And so why is this interesting girl hanging out with her instead? She asked herself the whole time they were sipping on their drinks, taking alternate bites of pastries, and mostly just her listening to Irene. But she enjoyed the other's presence. Irene listened too when she was the one talking, her chin on her palm, nodding her head in every sentence, it was amusing.


Apparently, they were a good balance.




Since that day, Irene was always the first thing she sees on a daily basis. She thinks it was a sight she wouldn't g

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