where was that white shirt

what's mine is yours
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Under the sweltering summer heat, Wendy pants behind the covers of her mask. Sweat trickling down her face. She loves the warm summer season but to be sweating profusely without doing anything, while sitting down, shirt drenched and sticking on her back, this is ridiculous. She just showered and now is in need of another shower?



"Ugh!" Wendy groaned, sitting up straight so she can fan her back. Her groan didn't go unnoticed to her girlfriend, who's lounging on the cafe chair with her leg up on her seat like she's sunbathing. Not fair that her girlfriend rarely sweat while she's already considering taking a longer shower once they get home.




Pausing the video she's watching, Irene asked, "What's wrong, babe?"




Wendy huffed, pointing on the sheen sweat on her neck before wiping it with a handkerchief. Irene giggled before pulling her chair closer to her girlfriend to wipe the sweat trickling down her eyebrows. Helping her wipe down the rest of it and putting her own handkerchief on her back.



"I don't get why you'd want to hangout outside the cafe when there's a perfectly well air-conditioned place inside," Wendy complained. Irene pulled her mask, making Wendy shriek and pull away from her laughing girlfriend.



Irene wiped the tears from her eyes, laughter dying into chuckles, "You're so sensitive with fine dust that you'd still wear ur mask even when this cafe is littered with trees." She motioned to Wendy to wipe the sweat accumulating behind her mask. "Relax, babe."



"You clearly remember the last time we

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