A.M. Scenarios


A complilation of short stories that pops up in my head during the wee hours. 


1. Betrayal [M] [TW]

2. Top Model Irene & Student Seulgi 

3. High School Buddies [M]


A/N: I want to get back to writing but the feels for long chapters are not there... So to my readers who look foreward to my writing. I'll post shorts as often as i can here :)


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Oct_13_wen_03 0 points #1
Chapter 3: tooo hot 👀👀🙊
296 streak #2
Chapter 2: They're girlfriends?! Oh damn... didn't see that coming hehe I'm so intrigued by this seulrene dinamic. Great job author! 🧡
haistttt #3
Chapter 2: Part 2 please
Oct_13_wen_03 #4
Chapter 2: So cuteeeeee 😭🩷🩷🩷🩷
shinchan222 #5
Chapter 2: Cuteeee
Chapter 2: The plot twist 😙
Chapter 1: 💀💀
eunxiaoxlove 32 streak #8
Chapter 2: Greattt
Serenity_love #9
Chapter 2: Cute
Chapter 1: You aren't joking with angst hum... this one hurts so much