My Joseon Doctor

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A famous charismatic young doctor comes home to aid the poor and sick, who is also known for their tremendous playboy streak with women. 

What happens when the doctor meets their match at the hands of the new young famous beautiful gisaeng named, Bae Joohyun? 



> I miss the parents and wanted to create fluff. 

>Shhhh pretend otor doesnt have a lot of ongoing fanfics.

>Most photo edits are done by me and it's only purpose is to help readers visualize the story better~ Enjoy!

>I'm sorry it's my first time photoshopping Wendy in a hanbok outfit, I hope the result is acceptable




Bae Joohyun

The most famous and infamous talented beautiful gisaeng in Hanyang capital and even in the whole Joseon.

Shon Seungwan

A talented doctor often branded as a playboy or ladies man, because of the women that has adored "him" all over the provinces "he" has travelled around Joseon.


An orphan boy that Seungwan and Joohyun will get acquainted with.

Crown Prince Sehun

The head crown prince of Joseon, simple minded yet kind he proudly often tells people that he is the one and only bestfriend of the famous handsome doctor, Shon Seungwan.

Captain Kim Soo Hyun

Strong, handsome and popular with women, the captain came from the powerful Kim family.

Doctor Chanyeol

One of Seungwan’s old batchmate in medicine school.

Lord Shon Moo Sung

The father of the Shon children and one of the most respected former general in the Joseon dynasty.

Shon Do Jin

The eldest brother of Seungwan.

Kang Hanna

A gisaeng known for her beauty and charms, she is the former top gisaeng of the House of Pink Blossoms.   

Choi Sooyoung

The madame of the House of Pink Blossoms, she is often cited as a very talented young businesswoman since she took over the House of Pink Blossoms at a tender age of 16.

Lord Lee Jae Yong

Lord of Hanyang.


One of Joohyun’s hypegirls and personal servant.  

Nurse Park

The younger nurse in Makdong Clinic.

Nurse Choi

The older nurse in Makdong Clinic.


The head (corrupt) doctor of Makdong Clinic.

Bae Jimin

Younger sister of the beautiful gisaeng, Bae Joohyun.


One of the loyal hypegirls of Joohyun. 


Maknae of Bae Joohyun's hypegirls. 

Kwon Eunbi

Came from the rich blue blood house of Kwon, the often percieve as harsh, frank and cruel, Eunbi, is Seungwan's former fiance.

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