My Joseon Doctor
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Makdong Clinic.

Bongpil the head doctor of the same clinic Seungwan was helping around, went home first since the handsome young doctor helped the top gisaeng who had an allergic reaction to the chicken.

The small handsome Doctor Shon was now making her way back to the hospital by walking when she heard a commotion just from outside, she runs to check what was the noise.

“Who gave you the right to dictate things about MY CLINIC!”

It was Bongpil, the old head doctor was arguing with the tall Chanyeol just by the entrance of the clinic, Seungwan knew this was obviously about the small changes she has been doing around in the  span of just 24 hours.

“He” started already by purchasing more medical supplies needed by the largest clinic for the poor in Hanyang, he also has ordered some reconstructions around the dilapidated clinic that somehow Bongpil, the corrupt head doctor, has been declining to get fixed, by asking Chanyeol to get some contractors to start the job this week.

“But sir-“ The tall young doctor didn’t even get a chance to explain when the older man holds him by the collar of his uniform.

“YAH! You think you’re the head now? I didn’t know you got a lot of money in you, maybe I shouldn’t be paying your wages then and maybe you should be the one paying the staff, right “sir” Chanyeol?” Bongpil threatens the taller man.

“S-Sir please! You know I need the money to send to my family! All these renovation and support is just so we can make sure we can help the patients who need urgent attention! We are already understaff and-“

“Ohh, so you do “know” about more my clinic huh right, Sir Chanyeol?” The older man cuts him off again.

As Chanyeol keeps panicking, the visiting handsome doctor finally cuts off the tension as he makes his way to the two men.

“Aigoo, Bongpil! Why did you leave me without even saying your goodbyes earlier! I must say without your presence I wasn’t able to enjoy the dancing of the talented gisaengs in The House of Pink Blossoms!” Seungwan says with a loud voice.

Shock with the sudden entrance of the young lord, Bongpil removes his hands from the innocent young tall doctor and returns to being a jolly doctor in front of the member of one of the most powerful families in Joseon, The House of Shon.

“Y-Young Lord Shon!” The older man out of the three suddenly bows to Seungwan.

“I’m so sorry for leaving you, I was just gonna drop by here to talk to the idiot who I am force to hand my clinic to since my trustee man, Doctor Wong is still injured, because my wife just sent one of our servants to tell me….” He suddenly looks at left and right.

Bongpil now leans to the handsome small doctor to whisper.

“You know women, well my wife is quite jealous of other younger women so since she heard I was home already she was asking why I haven’t gone directly to our home…” The oldest doctor in Makdong clinic right now giggled.

Seungwan just stared at him.

“Oh! Then why don’t you just let me be the head for now! Don’t worry I will lecture this “idiot” Chanyeol for trying to make changes in YOUR clinic, I’m sorry my friend is here is quite a simple minded man, it’s Chanyeol’s weakness but he means well and you know I should be thankful he invited me to stay here since I never knew I would meet such a handsome amazing sunbaenim like you, Bongpil! That’s why as a very grateful junior to my handsome amazing senior, just go home and rest to your lucky wife~” The handsome small doctor was just throwing such shade to the head egoistic corrupt doctor Bongpil.

But it seems like the man didn’t even notice the sarcasm and just giggled, he now puts his two hands on the trustee shoulders of the smallest “man” in the Makdong clinic and nodded.

“Thank you so much young lord Shon! Please do, I can’t understand why these idiots can’t just stay in their lanes, right?” He tells Seungwan.

“Go home jerk.” Seungwan was already losing her patience over this jerk who continued to belittle her good friend Chanyeol and their efforts to help around the impoverished clinic with their own funds.

Because Seungwan was realizing that this head doctor was actually so egoistic he doesn’t even want anyone to help in the same clinic he was corrupting even when a helping hand gives out free donations, free help, and free other stuffs that would improve the hospital, since if it wasn’t Bongpil getting recognition, he didn’t want it.

The older man suddenly flinch at how cold Seungwan’s eyes and voice have gotten.

“Y-Young Lor-“

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding! HAHAHA stay safe Bongpil my man~” Seungwan suddenly smiled and laughs.

She continued laughing that, Bongpil started to laugh as well, even Chanyeol began laughing until the oldest of the three finally went home and agreed to have Seungwan as his substitute as the head of the Makdong’s biggest yet impoverished clinic for the poor’s house was two towns away and it will take a few days to reach his home.


Chanyeol and Seungwan were sharing alcohol drinks in the night by the same entrance near the doctors’ sleeping quarters outside, they talk and compose a plan in order to have the ownership of the Makdong Clinic passed down asap to the small handsome doctor Shon, while the corrupt head doctor is away.

The tall handsome doctor takes a shot of his white wine and slaps his small glass on the small table.

“You mean to tell me, the reason where having problems fixing the clinic is because of one lousy rude beautiful gisaeng?!” Chanyeol shouts.

“Seriously eversince I’ve arrived here in Hanyang all I heard about her, is her acting like a rude spoiled entitled brat, one day she’ll finally get the karma she deserves I tell you.” The tall doctor snickers.

Seungwan seems to be not even listening to Chanyeol’s rants and suddenly remembers the top beautiful gisaeng who now has given her a change of perspective about who Bae Joohyun really is after what happened earlier this night.

“Bae Joohyun wants to be kind too, but the world…keeps treating me like a fool when I do…so tell me, why should I be kind when people can only give for exchange is nothing but heartbreak for me?!”

“Yah Chanyeol….have you ever met Joohyun-ssi?” Seungwan poses a question as she drinks her white wine calmly.

“Hm? Me? Well…I did, I bought a pass to see one of her performances in The House of Pink Blossoms, she played amazing.” He replied.

“But have you ever talked to her? Or had an interaction with her? Personally witness her acting all those things you mentioned? Or at least experienced it yourself, to say that kind of things about her?” Chanyeol’s dear friend, Seungwan asks.

The tall doctor became silent for a few seconds.

“Yah…a lot of people have told me about her reputation so I think it’s valid when I say those things.” Her colleague argues.

The smaller doctor of the two nods.

“Yes, if they did experienced it then it is valid, but wishing she gets the karma she deserves when she has not done something personally to you, I don’t think that’s valid Chanyeol…besides it seems like…at least from the few times I’ve met her…she’s not that bad, as they say.” Seungwan tells him.

Chanyeol regret his statements so he finally nodded but he also smiled at the doctor who was defending the beautiful top gisaeng of The House of Pink Blossoms, Bae Joohyun.

“Hmmm…am I allowed to assume…that there is a possibility handsome doctor playboy, Shon Seungwan, falls for the heartbreaker beautiful top gisaeng named Bae Joohyun!” Chanyeol teases.

For the smaller handsome doctor has told him about his emergency treatment of the gisaeng who had an allergic reaction to the chicken congee soup she ate.

“You should join those beggars in the market sharing their nonsense stories with how much of a malicious gossip you are.” Seungwan rolled her eyes at him.

“Ahuuuuu, nice one, changing the topic when-“

Seungwan didn’t even let the gossip/doctor speak and shoved the cut fried pork left over they had for their snacks in this late night drinking in Chanyeol’s mouth.

“If it’s not about a plan for us to save this clinic shut it.” The handsome doctor tells her friend.

“Hey! By the way, you know…I know you’re worrying a lot about the clinic, but Hanyang is not just about corrupt officials and sadness, you know they have this Spring Lantern Festival this weekend, we should go!” A very excited Chanyeol now offers as he chewed his pork.

Seungwan suddenly imagine the lanterns flying and floating in the sky…

And a beautiful gisaeng named Bae Joohyun next to her, smiling…

Was Shon Seungwan now falling more and more for the beautiful gisaeng?

She shakes her head and sighs.

“Seungwan, don’t…remember your responsibilities.” Seungwan whispered to herself.

“Hm?” Chanyeol who was starting now to become a drunk asks, the mumbles his friend made.

“Nothing.” The handsome doctor laughs.


The doctors were already sleeping and in the middle was a small little boy named Seunghoon, who kept letting out small farts.

Seungwan didn’t mind since the farts didn’t seem to have any smell and just tried sleeping on her side, but Chanyeol was very bothered since the little boy’s was facing him.

“Yah, your little apprentice keeps farting! This is why I told Nurse Park not to let this child drink milk at night!” The semi drunk Chanyeol seems to be recovering from his alcohol toxicity in every few seconds his small frenemy Seunghoon keeps farting.

“Let him be…it’s not like he controls that, he’s asleep, also it doesn’t have any smell.” Seungwan who was really sleepy talked with her eyes closed.

“Aish.” The taller doctor turns around and puts a pillow to cover little Seunghoon’s loud farts.

But as he covered the of the child, a loud fart shocked the two semi drunk doctors.

“Yah! Stinky boy! Wake up and go to the bathroom!” Chanyeol stood up and shouted.

“Chanyeol stop shouting at the child jeez.” Seungwan manages to lecture her friend as she hurries to open the sliding door to let out the stink odor that smelled like a rotten egg.

“Hmmmm….OH NO!” The boy who farted realizes there is something more than his fart and now stood to run to the bathroom.

“Eyyy, that’s why I told you to stop drinking milk at night!” Chanyeol lectures the boy who ran to the bathroom of the clinic.

Seungwan began laughing as Seunghoon runs outside to the bathroom, the frenemy of the little apprentice can’t help but laugh as well now.

“Oh…my head is spinning…Chanyeol…can you check on Seunghoon?” The worried Seungwan massages her head that was aching due to the continuous drinking she has been doing from The House of Pink Blossoms and now in this clinic a while ago.

“I’ll grab some water to drink for you and check on that stinky-“

“Stop calling Seunghoon like that dude.” The mentor / hyung of the little boy now pouted. 

“Eh…fine…sometimes cute…boy happy?” The already awakened Chanyeol asks the doctor who was just leaning their head by the sliding door.

“Yeah…oh hey, Chanyeol the moon’s so extra beautiful right now.” Seungwan tells him as she suddenly notices something by the floor she sat on.

“Oh yeah, it’s a pink full moon huh? Am I rude for saying I don’t see anything special about it?” The tall doctor walks to the door and peeks.

“No, but…I do find it beautiful…and hopefully someone is appreciating this rare beautiful moment as well, like me.” A very glued Seungwan replied as she kept looking at the pink full moon with a smile.


The pink full moon.































Just how many toss and turns one beautiful young woman has to do in her bed before she finally falls asleep?

Certainly not the first 20 times, since Bae Joohyun can’t count no longer at how many times she has been turning from side to side in this expensive soft comfy futon bed she has, because of one doctor that has been making her react in anger, in panic, in flustered embarrassment and other emotions in the past few days they met.

“Aish!” Joohyun sat back up on her bed.

She remembers in this cream colored carpeted floor she has, the doctor that was just sitting beside her as she woke up and pretended to sleep some more a few hours ago.

“Because it’s easier to be mad, to be rude, to be evil…

“…But it’s harder to be kind…

“...And when someone finally appreciates that side of you, then life will be easier too…”

The top beautiful gisaeng of The House of Pink Blossoms can’t help but smile as she kept staring at the imaginary vision of the doctor.

She suddenly envisioned Seungwan standing and now sitting next to her all over again.

“I can’t…”

The handsome young doctor’s eyes looking at her.


The handsome young doctor’s lips form a smile.

“…my day….”

The handsome young doctor’s hands touches her right cheek.



The handsome young doctor’s serious eyes now conveys so much affection for her.


The handsome young doctor leans their head to reach the beautiful young woman’s lips to ki-

“Bae Joohyun!” She shouts to herself and taps her cheeks to stop her imaginations that somehow were in the verge of becoming more intense.

“I need a breather.” The flustered Joohyun stood and now opens her window to get a whiff of the Hanyang’s refreshing cold air.

A smile forms on her face as she realizes that she got lucky that she decided not to sleep for a while as she saw the moon turning pink tonight.


The pink full moon.

Bae Joohyun, top gisaeng of The House of Pink Blossoms kept looking at the moon by her window and realizes finally she has been staring at it for half an hour now.

“It’s…so…beautiful.” Joohyun whispered and sighs.

She can’t understand why she thought of the doctor who saved her life tonight, as a synonym of the beautiful moon, so the long black haired woman just shakes her head as she insists her principles on herself, the young woman finally closes her window and goes back to sleep on her comfy soft bed.






























As the chickens started their morning cries, the sun finally rises all over the capital of Joseon, Hanyang.



Most of the servants who were not working for the top gisaeng of The House of Pink Blossoms were afraid of her, after all rumors after rumors were always popping about this infamous gisaeng….like Bae Joohyun has been said to painfully strike her hand at any given moment if she finds you irritating…

And as the crowd of servants gathered here to wash the other beautiful gisaeng’s fancy clothes, they finally witness how strong Bae Joohyun can strike with both of her small delicate hands.


Joohyun shouted.


She shouted louder.


The beautiful gisaeng kept shouting.

“Unnie! Stop! You’re gonna harm your soft delicate hands!” Miyeon who was just staring at her miss slapping back and forth with worry.

“No, don’t worry I do this all the time back in my village since this is my specialty Miyeon, HAHAHAHAHA!” Joohyun maniacally laughs as her hands kept slapping louder and louder at some…thing.

“Oh my god, she really is terrifying.” One unnamed servant whispered.

“I don’t really know how Miyeon and the other servants are able to stay with her.” The other unnamed servant nodded.

It can’t be helped but the top gisaeng was able to hear it and now glared at them.

“What did you say?” She raises her eyebrow at them.

“Nothing m-miss Bae!” The servants who were not assigned to the terrifyingly beautiful Bae Joohyun ran with their laundry and decided to wash them later on, when Bae Joohyun and her servants were not in the washing area.

“Yah unnie, you know…if you glare at them like that…your rumors will get worse…” Miyeon, the loyal hypegirl / servant of Miss Bae Joohyun advises.

“Aish, if washing clothes innocently will make me the topic of their gossips, then let them!” Joohyun replied and just laughs it off.

She just smiled and went back to the clothes she finally finishes to slap, it was the young handsome doctor’s clothes that Bae Joohyun was washing.

The one…she vomited on last night.

“Unnie, why does Joohyun unnie keeps on smiling while washing those clothes?” One of the hypegirls member, Chuu, whispered to Miyeon as she notices how blooming the top gisaeng who was washing the clothes on her own and even shows a faint smile on her face.

“Oh, well…you see the young handsome doctor…last night-“ The eldest of the hypegirls, Miyeon, was excited to tell the happenings to the absent Chuu last night when it was the miss herself cuts them off.

“Yah, don’t say malicious things to the maknae (youngest) Miyeon, come on help me finish this clothes, you will accompany me to the clinic.” Joohyun tells them.

“Clinic?” She the eldest of the hypegirls asked.

“Yes.” A very innocent top gisaeng nodded.

The hypegirls were looking at each other and were smiling as they attempted to stop their giggles from the very much obvious Joohyun…who seems to have gotten more enthusiastic this morning.

“Yah, girls! I’m just giving an exchange to the kindness Doctor Shon has given to us! Don’t start stuff with me!” Joohyun now pouts and stood from her wooden washing chair.

“Unnie, we didn’t even say anythingggg~” Sakura, the middle child hypegirl of the top gisaeng, now laughs as well.

“Yah! If you keep laughing I won’t take the three of you in the Spring Lantern Festival this weekend!” She now points her soapy finger at her three hypegirls.

“Deh unnie, were sorry!” The three girls now began bowing and crying.

“Aigoo, stop fake crying! This is why people think I’m rude because the mere mention of light punishment you know that I won’t really do with you, people keep thinking it’s true!” Joohyun now sighs at her three hypegirls who kept teasing her.

“We’re sorry unnie! We will do our best to make sure no one taints your name ever again!” The three girls say at the same time with so much dedication for their boss, Bae Joohyun, top gisaeng.


As soon as Nurse Choi opened the wooden gate, a lot of patients already flocked the clinic, strangely, it was all women who were in line, from grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who accompanied their maternal relatives while dressing in their very own versions of gorgeous outfits with their jewel ornaments on their heads as well.

The line really was very looong, thankfully someone was able to keep this women entertained in the form of the little receptionist / little apprentice named Seunghoon.

He was told by Seungwan to give the patients some water to drink and other snacks to nibble on, as they waited in this very hot morning while the doctors and nurses attended to the patients, but as the grandmothers, mothers, and young daughters saw the little cute boy, they began doting on him and heard how the handsome doctor adopted the child which made them more in awe and more infatuated with the already charismatic Seungwan and began showering the little boy with food the mothers prepared and brought themselves for Doctor Shon.  

Seunghoon proved to be not just a very enthusiastic foodie, but also a talkative cute little boy as the women kept asking him questions about the doctor and kept bragging about his hyung Seungwan, the doctor’s generosity and kindness towards him and other things the women wanted to know about the handsome young small doctor.

But the boy realizes that this women were just bribing him with food and adoration since they wanted to learn about things about Seungwan and now pouted. The women finally learn to appease the little hurt boy, and asks about his skills and hobbies, little Seunghoon finally got excited and wanted to share his singing abilities, so the women were now hyping the little boy to perform his solo number and they kept clapping in unison and in beat for cute little Seunghoon, the singer.

Seunghoon started by dancing with his little feet and wiggling his little shoulders, and finally began singing.


“Kom sema-ri-ga”

(Three bears)

“Han chi-be-yi-so”

(Are in the house)

“Appa gom”

(Daddy bear)

“Omma gom”

(Mommy bear)

“Ae-gi gom”

(Baby bear)

“Appa gommun tung-tung-hae”

(Daddy bear is fat)

Seunghoon holds his stomach as if it was heavy.

“Omma gommun nal-shin-hae”

(Mommy bear is thin)

Seunghoon walks like a woman and even flips his non-existent long hair that the mothers started laughing.

“Ae-gi gommun na bul-gwi-yo-wo”

(Baby bear is so cute)

Seunghoon now holds his two little cheeks with his two little hands and winks at the women.

“Hishuk hishuk cha-rhan-da”

(Hishuk hishuk, well done!)


“Aigoo! You’re such a little cute boy Seunghoon-ssi, I bet your appa (daddy) Seungwan is so proud with how talented you are!” One of the mothers praises the boy who finally finishes his performance.

“Hm? Appa? Oh no, the Doctor is just my Hyung! Besides the doctor needs to marry first to become an appa right?” The innocent orphan now little apprentice, asks.

“Oh you’re right, don’t worry Seunghoon-ssi, Doctor Shon will be your appa as soon he sees me!” One pretty young unnamed woman jumps and stands as if the fire inside her to make the heartthrob Seungwan hers got hotter.

“Excuse miss? Can you please get out of the way?” Miyeon interrupts the young woman.

“Yah, can’t you see I’m having a moment- eep!” She of the young woman without any name now cowers in fear back to the benches.

Reason being?

Bae Joohyun was standing behind her servant, Miyeon and was just staring at the other women with such cold eyes, even the feisty grandmothers cannot move from their seats with how terrified they are of infamous porcelain skin beauty, she bowed respectfully at them with such a cold air.

“Good morning ma’ams and young misses.” The top gisaeng said in a small greeting voice while she smiled.

As she and her servant were now cutting off and making their way to the clinic, the other women in line didn’t mind and allowed her, since they were scared of Bae Joohyun and her rumored wrath.

Bae Joohyun felt bad, but she wanted to be a bit bad today since she was…kinda feeling her oats and just knew how pretty the sun’s heat was making her even more beautiful than anyone in this clinic and the whole Joseon today, and as she uses her sassy power walk to the door, she suddenly stops as a little person was blocking her way.

“Oh…morning Seunghoon-ssi.” Joohyun smiled.

“Pretty noona you can’t enter! You need to fall in line if you wanna get a check up!” Seunghoon, little apprentice, solo singer, receptionist and now bodyguard to the Makdong clinic pouts his lips at the beautiful young woman he met yesterday.

“Really? You know…if you let pretty noona in the clinic, I will buy you those rice cakes you seem to like in the market.” Bae Joohyun, top gisaeng, now crouches to meet the little boy’s height.

“R-Rice cakes! The one with the various colors!?” Seunghoon’s eyes widen like a little puppy excited to get his snacks.

“Yes! How many do you want?” The very effective briber, Joohyun now asks.

“I-“ The little bodyguard was about to answer when he remembered Seungwan.

“Seunghoon, hyung trusts you to make sure the patients follow the line system, okay?”

As the boy now remembered the trust the handsome young doctor gave to him, he now pouted and went on offense mode like an aggressive puppy to a stranger at the beautiful young woman.

“No! Seungwan hyung told me to make sure the patients follow the line system! Please fall in line pretty noona!” Seunghoon now cutely glared at her.

Joohyun swore she heard barking noises but shakes her head and now decides to intercept the little bodyguard.

“It’s not gonna take long, I just have to drop this off Seunghoon-ssi, so I would like to apologize but I will be cutting the line.” She gave a smile to Seunghoon as she waves the clothes she wraps with a soft shiny purple cloth.

“Pretty noona if you cut in line I will tell on you with Seungwan hyung!” The little boy now points his little finger at Joohyun.

“Yah, don’t point your finger at someone older than you, Seunghoon-ssi.” Joohyun now raises her eyebrow at the insulting little finger pointing at her.

The little solo singer now inhaled deep and started shouting.


Joohyun quickly runs to the little apprentice who was about to shout some more and now covers his mouth.

“Yahhhhh! No need to shout you know!” The beautiful gisaeng now whispered.

“HHHHHHMMMMMMMPPPPP!!!!!” Seunghoon tried shouting some more but Joohyun and him are having a battle with each of their little hands.

As the gisaeng was trying to make him stop shouting by covering more of his mouth, the little boy now was trying to take the small delicate hands out of his face using his adorably small hands on her.

“YAHHH!!!!” Joohyun stood and glared hard at the little boy.

Every women in the benches cowered more and even started embracing each other as they saw how evil Bae Joohyun, top gisaeng looked like, all but Seunghoon didn’t feel terrified at all as he had an epic stare down with the beautiful gisaeng.

“You bit me!?” A very pouty baby Joohyun now took her handkerchief to wipe the saliva from the baby boy who bit her palm.

“Well you started covering my mouth first noona! So you deserve that!” Little Seunghoon replied.

“Why you little twerp!” Joohyun was about to choke the child when Miyeon who was ready for this scenario now held her smaller unnie by her two hands.

“Unnie stop that! People might misunderstand you again!” The loyal servant cries as Bae Joohyun kept trying to fight back.

“Let me go, this child needs disciplining!” She tells her servant who kept holding her arms.

“Yeah, noona let pretty rude noona go, if I learn something in the streets there’s no age limit in dueling spoiled rude brats, I will bite her again! ARF! ARF! ARF!” Little Seunghoon now kept barking and had his small fists ready.

“Ohhhhhh!!!! You really are gonna get it now!!!” Joohyun overpowers Miyeon and the servant’s arms weaken from the hold they were doing to their miss.

As the small gisaeng now runs and follows the little apprentice she wanted to choke, who is running in circles as he started barking again and again this petty fight between the small adult and little child stops when a fa

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