To Each Of Her Own Rumors

My Joseon Doctor
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To Each Of Her Own Rumors










Gisaeng House Somewhere


*Traditional Gisaeng Music Playing*

A beautiful brown skinned gisaeng smiling subtly in a blue traditional outfit.

A beautiful fair skinned gisaeng who had a mole in her lip, in a pink traditional outfit.

A beautiful curly haired gisaeng with very red lips, in a yellow traditional outfit.

A beautiful shiny black hair with a silver clip, in a green traditional outfit.

All four beautiful gisaengs with their very own beautiful trademarks, were circling around and giggling as a small young handsome man in a black blindfold was chasing for each of them.

“Yahhhhhh, remember if oppa touches one of you, you’ll be out of the game understand?” The small handsome young man shouts cutely at his four gisaengs he paid for the night.

“De oppa~” The girls replied with such cute tones.

The small handsome man wiggled his shoulders as he didn’t expect their cute voices were so sweeter to hear now that his hearing sense was even highlighted by his limited sight.

“Aigoo so cute, it makes me want to even double my pay for tonight!” He claps his hands.

The girls hearing the words “double” and “pay”, were now even feeling more so excited so they giggled cuter for their handsome small customer for the night.

“Fine double pay after this game it is~” The handsome small man wiggled his shoulders again.

The girls finally were so excited and started the game, as they circle and circle around the room trying to avoid the handsome small customer, the room suddenly got silent.

“Caught you!” The small handsome man giggled.

It occurred to the handsome small customer that he was touching someone already….

But it seems like the gisaeng…

Was a bit large, she had rough hands, large shoulders, hard face, and a beard…

“A BEARD?!” He removes his blindfold to see it was a large man, with rough face and a beard.

It seems like he was very familiar with the large man as he expresses his grunts by throwing the blindfold on the floor.

“I guess, the rumors are true, you have been spending a lot of time in gisaeng houses.” The large man uttered.

“Aish what do you want!” A very irritated tone was used by the small handsome man.

“Seungwan, don’t you even know how to use honorifics with your elder brother?” The large man replied.


 The small handsome man named Seungwan, was pouring the white wine on his small shot glass and drank it like it was water with how fast he was downing it in his mouth, the large man was just staring at him.

“Father misses his only daughter you know.” He suddenly uttered.

“He does?” Seungwan, the small handsome man, laughs.

“You drink like you’re a middle age man.” The large man says in concern.

“Well, I am…a “man” right now, so I don’t think….there’s any problem…with that~” He poured another drink to himself, when the large man finally stops him.

“Yah…oppa.” Seungwan glared at him.

A worried face given by the large man to red Seungwan finally made him stop drinking to himself, and now crosses his hands as he decided to eat the meat in the room he and the large man are only occupying.

“Seungwan, how long are you going to pretend to be a man?” He tells the handsome Seungwan.

That’s right, Seungwan is a woman, she has been pretending to be a man for the past few years now, and now her concerned brother asks her a question of the time she will stop cross dressing since he was so concern of what risks or consequences, his little sister might encounter.

“It’s not like I’m hurting anyone with my choice isn’t it? I just want to travel and heal people, instead of being lock in that big mansion where the only thing I do, as a woman of this society, is to be pretty and wait for a “man” to marry me and have his babies, ugh.” Seungwan suddenly pretended she was going to vomit.

“Yah, you know that’s not what I am talking about…” The concern brother of Seungwan pouted.

“Oppa if you’re just here to lecture me or take me by force to go back home, remember the last time you did I broke your nose.” The handsome woman who is pretending to be a man now shows her karate chop form to her brother who swallowed in fear.

It’s true, the woman was smaller than him by 8 inches, but she can really pull a punch especially that medicine is her expertise, and she just knows where to hit vital points in the human body, which made the large man almost cower in fear.

Ironic that this man was scared of his little sister when he has and still is, serving the Royal Army as one of the lieutenant for the King of Joseon.

“Fine, but can you lessen your drinking?” He tells his little sister.

“No can do my brother, if you want me to maintain my interest to whatever you are about to say, I need to have miss y Alcohol beside me.” She kisses the white porcelain bottle next to her.

“Did I tell you recently I discovered where you hid your “self-written cringe poetry books” in our parents’ house?” He smiled.

“Yeah right.” Seungwan grinned and continued to drink her white wine.

Her brother always uses this for blackmail but she knows that her brother has never found her self-written cringy poetry so she just laughs at him.

“Hold my hand my love, like you wanna hold my heart, hold my hand like you wanna hold the moon~” Her brother started to recite lines from cringe poet Seungwan’s written poems.

Seungwan suddenly throws up her drink at her brother, she panics and now wipes her brother’s face.

“Oppa, what does little Seungwannie need to do for you to not expose my cringy poet past, hihihi?” She now turns into a tame hamster who continued to wipe her brother who was now looking at her with such annoyance as he was so wet from the wine that came from his sister’s mouth.

“First, lessen your drinking, believe me I know when you drink Seungwan, Lieutenant Shon has a lot of eyes watching you.” He uses his middle and index finger to signal his eyes to Seungwan.

“Fine! Next?” She asks as she eats the meat again on her side.

“The Crown Prince-“

“Pass.” She cuts him off and eats her meat and now lettuce.

“Yah, you didn’t even let me finish.”

“I don’t have to, pass.” She repeats it again.

“Your eyes are like an alive fish’s eyes, I want to swim into them-“

“Fine! Fine! Fine! What is it that jerk Crown Prince want now!” She covers her ears as she refuses to listen to her own cringy poems.

“Yahhh, is that how you talk to your awesome royal best friend?” Her brother now frowned.

“Jeez, it’s him who claims I am his best friend, did he even ask if I wanted to be friends with him? Hmm?”

“Well the both of you spent studying medicine together right?”

‘He was a clingy man who didn’t leave me alone during those years because he was so soft and weak to blood, that’s all, other than that I don’t even understand why the prince thinks I’m his friend.”

“Best friend…maybe he has a crush on you?” The elder brother now teases his sister who was drinking wine again.

Seungwan was about to throw up the wine, and now her brother was ready and shields himself with a plate from the wine that almost went again onto his face, that instead went to Seungwan who wipes herself.

“Aishhh…” She tells herself as she complained of her own wetness.

The elder brother of Seungwan now puts the plate down to stare at his handsome sister.

“Oppa, the prince is a simple minded person, I’m sure he doesn’t know that I am a woman, I was very careful during medical school, besides…if he did have a crush on me…doesn’t that make him gay?” She now raises her eyebrow.

“Oh…I guess, that’s not the case.” He replied.

“What do you mean?” Seungwan responded.

“Well, he’s actually the one who beg me to come to you since you were not responding to his letters, it’s about a favor he wants to ask from you…”

“What favor?”



The crown prince, Sehun, was in all fours he was kneeling and begging to the person he considers as his best friend named Seungwan.

“He” was just standing in disgust at the state of the simple minded crown prince as he kept begging and crying at her.

“Seungwan-ah, please do it for me?” Sehun kept crying.

“Why me? You do know I have been with a lot of women your majesty, right?” She clicks her tongue at the prince who thinks she was a man.

“I know, I know, but you would never betray your best friend right? If only father didn’t want me to enlist now I would be the one apologizing and courting her again…but I can’t and she’s important to me, I know you won’t be susceptible to her beauty and charms since you’ve always been like that during our younger years…so please do it for me?” He begged again and was about to cry pathetically.

“Aish…fine, but you will do something for me too.” Seungwan sighed.

“Anything, I will do anything!” Crown Prince, Sehun’s eyes widen.

“Give me the rights to the most impoverished clinic in the capital, I want full control there.” She asks the crown prince who thinks the small handsome creature dressed in traditional doctor clothes was a man.

“Fine! Done!” He stood, clicks his tongue and gives Seungwan a thumbs up.

“Okay, let’s shake on it?” She asks.

“Okay bestie!” Sehun giggled and smiled.

“Jeez, stop it.” Seungwan laughs.

“By the way…Seungwan are you really sure you want to be the head of the poorest of poor clinic in the Joseon capital? No offense, but the top of our class should be aiding the top of the people who deserve your skills, I can give you the clinic where the rich are going to-“

“No, your majesty it’s fine, it’s exactly why I want to head that, because it’s the poor I wanna help not the rich, they already have the best of the best, my skills are for people who need it more.”

Sehun suddenly salutes to his handsome small bestfriend he was proud of.

“This is why you are the person I trust the most, because you are just such an incredible person Seungwan…and I salute to that!” The crown prince shouts.

“Jeez stop that your majesty-“

“It’s fine to call me Sehun when it’s just my best friend and I in the same room, Seungwan.”

“Your majesty-“




“Jeez fine Sehun, let me just repeat what you told me okay? All I need to do is give that gisaeng the gifts you wanted to give as an apology and that’s done right?”

“Yes, but she NEEDS to receive them, if she throws them away then you failed your mission, also she needs to read my letter in front of you and give her reply to you through a letter she will give to you that you will give to me.”

“Fine, very simple job then, after that I can go on and be at peace with my life right?” Seungwan now smiled.

“Yep.” Sehun nodded.



*Dramatic Violin Music In The Background*

A black straight haired woman as pale as the porcelain expensive marble bowls in the Royal Palace, was being combed by her maids as she stares at the mirror at her own beautiful face.

“Name.” She uttered.

“Young Lord Shon Seungwan, miss.”

“Occupation.” She uttered again.



“From the lineage of the House of Shon, a family known for great generals for the royal family for centuries now, he is the youngest and 2nd son of the retired General Shon, it was said that the young Lord Shon has a twin sister who doesn’t come out of the house because of her poor health.”


“He is the same age as you my lady, he is 22 years old.”

“Hmm…any other things I must know about him?”

“It is said that he is a very kind talented doctor who prefers to help the poor and has made a few powerful enemies since he likes getting into fights…especially with other rich lords who bully the poor…”

“What else?”

“He…um, he had a fiancé before who came from

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