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A one night stand was not the reunion that she had in mind, but the real issue here is the ring on his 4th finger. 


Baekhyun x OC x Sehun

Exactly how much has changed in five years? A lot, actually.



“It’s like clockwork, you and I can’t turn back time.”

TAEMIN - Clockwork [2020]




Author's Note

To follow the concept of Young, I was inspired by one of my favorite ballads for Clockwork’s theme.

If you’re here from Young, hello again! But if you’re new, Clockwork is a direct sequel to another story of mine. I do recommend that you read Young first to understand this story better. However, if you choose not to then that is absolutely okay as well! There is a brief summary below, and I will be leaving small notes/reminder if I do reference something from Young. Thank you for reading and until then~


*Poster cred goes to SehunieNuna. Thank you for your beautiful work, as always <3



A short synopsis of Young for new readers. **may contain spoilers.

Baekhyun met our FL as teacher and student. The two unexpectedly became neighbors and they get themselves entangled in each other’s lives, learning various things about one another despite their contrast in personalities. While Yumi struggled to express the love she has for her mother, who suffered from an ugly divorce and a drug problem, it led her to find comfort alongside Baekhyun. Yet on his end, the teacher wanted nothing more than to escape his family’s death trap. From endless demands for him to succeed and do well in life, it ended up crushing his motivation in the process.

The pair grew to appreciate each other’s presence, which eventually developed into something more. Although exploring their feelings would do no good on either end, especially when it came down the public’s perception. Baekhyun knew of her feelings, yet there was nothing else he could do but to let her down for the sake of their reality. They came to accept the harsh truth, although they still share great admiration for one another.

Character list (for Young):

  • Byun Baekhyun (25)
  • Jung Yumi (18)
  • Na Jaemin (18): Yumi’s classmate/friend.
  • Byun Jieun (30): Baekhyun’s older sister.
  • Kim Minseok (29): Baekhyun’s high school classmate (remember that Baek skipped 2 grades in school, that’s why Minseok is older than him by a few years even though they attended school together).
  • Doh Kyungsoo (24): Yumi’s stepbrother from her father’s side after he got remarried. They are not related by blood.

Please note that Young took place in 2015 so they'll be five years older in Clockwork.



Clockwork is officially on hiatus, I'm sorry :(
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