life update(?)


Hello there~ I hope you’re all doing well!


I’m so sorry for vanishing without saying anything, I desperately needed this break. Also, I’m going to apologize again because this is not the type of blog you might be expecting, since I don’t plan on coming back yet. I really just wanted to drop by and give some sort of update/explanation(?) because I felt like I left very abruptly. 


Long story short, I began actively writing during the peak of covid when I mainly had online classes and remote work. I had plenty of time to write, which was why I was updating so often. Since then, school and work began to open back up. I eventually graduated college last Spring and scored a full time job. My company was very understaffed during covid so I decided to pick up extra hours to work remotely from home on the weekends (this was back in May, around the same time when I made my last update for Clockwork). It’s such a weird comparison but having to sit in front of my computer 8 hours a day, every single day, is extremely exhausting and the last thing I wanted to do was to go home and sit in front of my computer again to write. I hated that feeling and I didn’t want my only hobby to become a strain in my life. My writing also became really sloppy, and I started doubting myself if I should even continue. This was primarily the reason why I decided to stop writing.


With that being said, I am now slowly trying to find my way back on here, writing snippets each day when I can, and until I get my flow back. I would hate to give up on something that I absolutely love doing so much. Until then, I do have some unpublished drafts (which needs plenty of editing 😭) and I might release those when I find the time to do so. As for my ongoing story, Clockwork will officially be on hiatus until I can properly balance my work and social life a bit better. 


If you’re still reading this, thank you so much for your patience. I am going to work harder and hopefully come back with much better quality stories for you all. I’m sorry for such a disappointing blog, I hope you can understand. I’m not sure when, but I hope to see you all again very soon ❤️

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