All I Need


It was easier being friends. Maybe that's why they stopped being lovers.


all i need
i loved you; that's good enough for me

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going through this break up
today was our yesterday and now there's no tomorrow
it hurts but if we dragged it out more, it would've become a scar
i loved you and i was loved, so that's good enough for me.



If Jae is being honest, he’d turn back the time and try to be better. 


But turning back the time only happens in like fairy tales and Harry Potter. So he stands there, back straight, hands behind his back, bowtie a little lopsided ‘cause that’s just how he rolls. He watches her walk down the aisle, pretty white dress trailing behind her, eyes shining. 


She’s not looking at him; her eyes only know the man standing at the altar. But for just the shortest of moments, so brief he’s not even entirely sure it happened - she looks at him. And she smiles a little wider. 


And he smiles a little wider, too. 


He knows. This is the spot he belongs in. After everything they’d been through, being her best friend was what he did, well, best. 


It stings a little. But he’s happy, too.



songfic featuring iKon’s Love Scenario
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Chapter 1: That was heartbreakingly beautiful, thank you 🙏🏻