Only Fools


and my hopes, they are high, i must keep them small

though i try to resist, i still want it all


only fools fall for you; only fools


oh our lives don’t collide, i’m aware of this

the differences and impulses and your obsession with

the little things; you like stick, and i like aerosol

i don’t give a , i’m not giving up, i still want it all


title: only fools

author: ajikdo

type: one-shot

featuring: mark tuan, baek yerin, other members of got7, park jimin, joey tuan

song: fools - troye sivan


author’s note: i’m so in love with this song and also jungkook & rapmon’s cover of it ajsfhkfg

oh also 15& + GOT7 hyungline will all be the same age. joey tuan and GOT7 maknae line will be a year younger.





It’s taken until now for Yerin to realize it, but Mark and her are worlds apart.




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MissLucky7 #1
Chapter 1: I have one thing to say author nim.... I cried...TT_TT
VonEmber #2
I've got this song's cover by Rap Mon and Jung Kook on repeat, this was super good though. Write a 15& Jimin one next if you take submissions!! You're a really great writer.
Eli0710 #3
Chapter 1: Yes! I really enjoyed. I need part two please!

Thank you for writting! XD