pretty little white lies got me good


They say you never forget your first love. 


pretty little white lies got me good
all my demons have your smile.


starring mark tuan and yerin baek


image credit: here
lyric credit: la la lost you - niki



First loves were supposed to be beautiful. Fairytale-spun, full of radiant smiles and stolen kisses and warm eyes. First loves were meant to, if nothing else, start with skips in heartbeats, with childish giddiness, with the airiness of cloud nine. 

Yerin never got that. Yerin's first love started at the end: 

with the heartache. 


author's note; 
maybe this time, i can bury the memory.


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lauvender0 #1
Chapter 1: Aww you deserve to be happy :DDD
Chapter 1: Good for you. Continue being happy.
Chapter 1: I love the way you write and the story is so sad and beautiful, hope you grown off your pain and live your life just full of happiness, wishing you all the good things :)