What Donghae Did Not Know [Should Stay That Way]

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Donghae didn't know about it but Hyukjae would always be there for him; through thick and thin, joy and pain. Hyukjae was always there.

Even now when the younger had hit the rock bottom, Hyukjae was still there holding him tight.


If only Donghae would know what Hyukjae had felt for him.


If only Hyukjae would tell him that....











It was 1AM when Donghae had received the unexpected call.



“Hello imo?”




Imo, what’s going on? Why are you crying?” Only one thing running through his head; his girlfriend.


‘Come to the hospital now. M—Maaya….’


He was never ready for this.




Updated tonight~

I've been keeping this prompt in my laptop so here we go for our fav couple eunhae ^^ kekeke

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warning! Death mention



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