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The Puppeteer

Mingyu and Wonwoo work as special agents in the homicide squad. Using their unique skills, they are given a case involving a serial killer who seems to have resurfaced. But they soon realise that the case is deeper than they thought...

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MAMACITA: Secrets of San Mar Valley

By diamondELF193 Updated
Characters Cho Kyuhyun, Oh MinJi (OC), Lee Donghae, Kim SoonYee (OC), Victoria Light (OC), Kim Ryeowook, Kim Sungah (OC), Kim Heechul, Leenah Jung (OC), Leeteuk, and more
With 21 chapters, 8 votes, 113 subscribers, 7320 views, 77 comments, 98207 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Out in the Wild West, there is a small town called San Mar Valley. When a devious ex-criminal attempts one final heist, a domino effect of everyone's dark pasts come to light, are more entwined than they thought, and might just be the missing pieces they'll need to win and stop the biggest fugitive of the West for good. Welcome to San Mar Valley.


By writer_hjs Updated
Characters Donghae, Rosie, Donghwa
With 120 views, 934 words
Status Members Only

Rosie, a culinary graduate dreaming of becoming a translator, went to South Korea to study

What Donghae Did Not Know [Should Stay That Way]

By PenguinLOvers772 Updated
Tags  donghae   eunhae   eunhyuk   hyukjae   mystery   superjunior   donghaexoc   unrequitedlove   lightangst   shock 
Characters Donghae x oc | Hyukjae [ft. Super Junior]
With 1 chapters, 12 votes, 219 subscribers, 1490 views, 17 comments, 2721 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

  Donghae didn't know about it but Hyukjae would always be there for him; through thick and thin, joy and pain. Hyukjae was always there. Even now when the younger had hit the rock bottom, Hyukjae was still there holding him tight.

My Baby Girl

By DreamyFoxie Updated
With 12 chapters, 1 votes, 54 subscribers, 720 views, 21434 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

        "It's love... from the first sight" He's been keeping this

My Heart Chose You (Super Junior Fan Fic)

By songsaenimmarga Updated
Characters Super Junior, Lee Dong Hae, OC, Park Jungsoo, Kim Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shin Dong Hee, Sungmin, Lee Hyuk Jae, Choi Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
With 28 chapters, 4 votes, 42 subscribers, 2670 views, 39 comments, 36824 words

"No matter how hard the journey was to get in this place with you, it all happened because my heart chose you."    You're given the chance to go to Korea with your 2 bestfriends, Ria and Tine. Before you start your Korea adventure, your mind took over your body and met the famous Super Junior. How will the story go? What will happen once you go back home? Who will be your love interest? Is being close with the famous Super Junior and other idols will make your life feel a litt

When Donghae loves, he does it with all his heart

By Raluk_Kyu Updated
Tags  donghae   eunhyuk   heechul   leeteuk   ryeowook   shindong   siwon   superjunior   yesung   donghaexoc 
Characters donghae, super junior, leeteuk, siwon, ryewook, eunhyuk, kyuhyun, shindong, heechul, yesung
With 19 chapters, 1 votes, 34 subscribers, 1020 views, 13 comments, 58980 words

Amelia is going to a concert close to her country. She is taken up the stage and gets invited to be part of the staff for the concert in her country. From here, she and Donghae get close and maybe a happy ending is happening ;) (not maybe, of course it will!) She becomes manager for Super Junior and grows her love with Donghae. Tipical love story, with ups and downs, but the main characters always find their way back together.

The Baby You're Pregnant With Isn't My Child

By StarPeace Updated
Characters Lee Donghae & Park Yoora (OC)
With 23 chapters, 22 votes, 1028 subscribers, 57 comments, 80228 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

There is at least a reason behind everything that happens in this world. Including these bestfriends' arranged marriage.  

When Heaven's Not Far Away

By sugarbun Updated
Characters you [oc], super junior, donghae, hyukjae, sungmin, heechul, yesung, siwon, kyuhyun, leeteuk, kangin
With 10 chapters, 3 votes, 59 subscribers, 2180 views, 1 comments, 32832 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only


By Sept3mber Updated
Characters Donghae & OC - Sarah Lee (Lee Sojung), Hyukjae, Siwon
With 1 votes, 19 subscribers, 380 views, 2 comments, 513 words
Status Subscribers Only

When he thought everything is fine and he's planning to bring her to meet his mother, preparing to tie the knot between them, little did he know something is brewing under the calm surface.   He's about to lose her, forever.    "I get a new job offer in New York,  a publishing company." She whispers,  fingers playing with the soft strands of his hair as she gazes into the depth of his soul, still sitting on his lap while he is drumming his fin

California love

By Raluk_Kyu Updated
Tags  donghae   romance   superjunior   donghaexoc 
Characters donghae, lydia, david, sunghoon
With 2 chapters, 3 subscribers, 450 views, 7863 words

Lydia and her best friend David went to visit their so-called uncle in California. He says he has a surprise for Lydia, his favorite, but things have a funny twist.  I miss summer so much and I guess I found it back in this story that I'm writing. I hope you will laugh and have as much fun as I have when I wrote it. Please note that English is not my first language, so expect a few mistakes. Sorry in advance for that, I try my best. :D Happy reading!  

A hope in spring

By lotuses Updated
Tags  donghae   eunhyuk   fluff   heechul   you   super   junior   donghaexoc   donghaexyou   donghaexreader 
Characters Donghae, You, Eunhyuk, Heechul
With 7 chapters, 5 votes, 28 subscribers, 910 views, 11 comments, 11200 words
Status Completed

After a lunch that didn’t go as expected, Donghae invites you to his dance practice. This time, things must go better.

If you want a man

By lotuses Updated
Tags  comedy   donghae   eunhyuk   fluff   heechul   superjunior   you   donghaexoc   donghaexyou   donghaexreader 
Characters Donghae, You, Eunhyuk, Heechul
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 27 subscribers, 1840 views, 5 comments, 1839 words
Status Completed

Donghae has been your crush for a while, but whenever you spoke to him you managed to make yourself look like a fool. One of your friends was having a party, and invited Donghae in order to help you get closer. Now it was up to you to make your move, and not alienate the man even further.

Like a dream

By lotuses Updated
Tags  donghae   eunhyuk   fluff   heechul   superjunior   you   donghaexoc   donghaexyou   donghaexreader 
Characters Donghae, You, Eunhyuk, Heechul
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 17 subscribers, 1490 views, 3 comments, 1826 words
Status Completed

After spilling your drink on Donghae's T-shirt, you agree to make up for it by treating him to lunch. You intend to use this as an opportunity to get closer to him.

The Mysterious Guy in my Dream

By ladyhae Updated
Characters Donghae & Soomin (oc/you)
With 4 chapters, 2 votes, 18 subscribers, 660 views, 3 comments, 2693 words
Status Subscribers Only

What if you saw a charming, hot and handsome guy..., and bumped into him..... causing your drinks to spilled all over your clothes.... "Ahhhh! What the hell!!!" "Sorry miss!!" "Aisshhhh! My clothes!!!" Not knowing that he is the mysterious guy in your dream.... His eyes, h

Be My Fake Girlfriend

By StarPeace Updated
Characters Lee Donghae & Choi Hana (You/OC)
With 24 chapters, 26 votes, 666 subscribers, 98 comments, 76200 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

He needs a girl to pretend to be his girlfriend. She needs a job and money. When fate brought them together, a 'fake girlfriend' project created.

Falling for him

By skdhillon2692 Updated
Tags  superjunior   exo   donghaexoc   kyuhyunxoc 
With 5 subscribers, 350 views, 77 words
Status [M]

To Fall In Love With You

By yesungkims Updated
Tags  donghae   leedonghae   superjunior   you   donghaexoc   donghaexyou 
Characters Donghae, You, Super Junior members
With 750 views, 1 comments, 380 words

You always dreamed to married with someone you love, because married with someone you love is such a wonderful thing in this world. Together you will build a house just for you two to rely on each other. But what if suddenly you’re forced to marry someone your parents has for you. And the fact he is the one you hate the most. What will happen to your marriage life? Will you be able to

Birthday Cake

By Tyllie_93 Updated
Characters Kyuhyun You Donghae
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 26 subscribers, 1900 views, 1 comments, 7098 words
Status [M], Completed

When Idols Got Married

By StarPeace Updated
Characters Donghae & Minhee (You/OC)
With 14 chapters, 15 votes, 819 subscribers, 12320 views, 58 comments, 42633 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Being married idols was never easy. Being a husband to a wife who was a crazy fangirl of the handsome actor, Lee Minho, was not less difficult either. Her obsession over the actor even got worse when she was pregnant. How would Donghae handle his wife through her pregnancy? And most importantly, how would he deal with her crazy obsession over Lee Minho?

When Idols Fall in Love

By StarPeace Updated
Tags  donghae   fxband   idollife   kyuhyun   romance   snsd   superjunior   wgm   yoona   you   originalcharacter   wegotmarried   donghaexoc   donghaexyou 
Characters Donghae, Minhee (You/OC), Super Junior, F(x), SMTOWN Family and many more!
With 82 chapters, 70 votes, 1251 subscribers, 33320 views, 266 comments, 272386 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Him; secretly loving her. Her; secretly doesn’t believe in love. What would happen when they were told that they would be the next SM pairing, after Kyuhyun and Seohyun, to do a collaboration stage together for the upcoming SMTOWN Concert? Would there be a chance for him to confess his feel


By elfb2utyinspirit17 Updated
Tags  donghae   hanchul   suju   donghaexoc 
Characters Kim Hyemi (OC), Lee Donghae, Lee Hyukjae, Park Jungsoo, Kim Youngwoon, Kim Heechul, Hangeng, Super Junior, TVXQ and other idols.
With 41 subscribers, 530 views, 2 comments, 134 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Her human to protect

By nicky_yourhopeless Updated
Tags  romance   donghaexoc   eunhyukxoc 
Characters OC,Eunhyuk, Donghae and the rest of SUJU
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 390 views, 2474 words

i'm his guardian angel and he is my human to protect Ever wondered how an immortal can fall in love with a mortal?  Well, there are ways that can happen but there are boundaries that can be untouched. I believe that we can change history to a better one instead of repeating it. I, an angel that is needed to protect m

When I See You Again.

By JenLee Updated
Tags  angst   donghae   romance   suju   superjunior   donghaexoc 
Characters Lee Donghae, Jennifer Lee (OC)
With 1 chapters, 12 votes, 79 subscribers, 4000 views, 23 comments, 4311 words
Status Completed

There is always so much to tell and so much to hear. How much of it can we actually tell and hear in our whole life? "I'll tell you the next time!" is such a common phrase, because there is always more to tell.

Late Night Service

By Haengbog Updated
Characters Lee Dong Hae and Laura(OC)
With 1 chapters, 10 votes, 939 subscribers, 7750 views, 12 comments, 2795 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Strength: The Sequel

By InspiredtoInspire Updated
Characters Donghae, Minyoung, Hyunjoon, Taeseo
With 12 chapters, 1 votes, 63 subscribers, 910 views, 18 comments, 33165 words
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By InspiredtoInspire Updated
Characters Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Minyoung
With 35 chapters, 4 votes, 239 subscribers, 3380 views, 58 comments, 96030 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Sapphire Chaos

By HanaLoveSHae Updated
Characters Kayla and the Super Junior members, plus some other interesting characters!
With 40 chapters, 7 votes, 80 comments, 120248 words
Status Completed

Dating a prince and trying to get all of his 12 brothers' blessing isn't anything easy. Some accept you faster than others but you have the pressure and that constant fear of doing something wrong. It is most certainly not my will to anger the Super Junior members... I hope they accept me, let me be a princess. Kayla is my name. And I'm struggling to get along with a p

My Handsome Soldier

By korean_princess93 Updated
Tags  angst   donghae   drama   romance   fluffy   historical   donghaexoc 
Characters Gongju (OC), Donghae, Ryeowook, Minhyuk, Tiffany
With 8 chapters, 3 votes, 114 subscribers, 1780 views, 3 comments, 12308 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Gongju, a student of KyungHee University, is on a class trip to the museum for her History project. There, she learned about the history of the Joseon Dynasty and also about a royal soldier who was accused of abandoning his duties. Of course, History was her most boring subject ever. One night, while she was researching about the Joseon Dynasty, she felt asleep. When she woke up, she found herself back in 1400 during the Joseon Dynasty. She also met a soldier she has seen in the museum. The s

永遠に大切に // Cherish For Eternity

By --obsidian Updated
Tags  donghae   kyuhyun   romance   superjunior   donghaexoc   kyuhyunxoc 
Characters Cho Kyuhyun || Lee Aeshin ( OC ) || Lee Donghae || Lee ChaeMi ( OC )
With 2 votes, 440 views, 1 comments, 427 words

She enjoys writing stories and fanfiction, but when she encounters a challenge named "Cherish for Eternity", she gets stuck on what to write and starts to ask her older sister on what she thinks. Little did she know, that her

Family Friend and Substitute Teacher

By silvermonkeyfish Updated
With 2 chapters, 16 votes, 73 subscribers, 2390 views, 7 comments, 2520 words
Status [M], Completed


By elfbestfriendlove Updated
Tags  donghae   siwon   ocs   donghaexoc   siwonxoc 
With 2 chapters, 3 subscribers, 460 views, 1 comments, 3023 words

Cori was finally on her school break, and what better way to spend that break then by spedning it with her best friend, Taylynn, in South Korea. During her stay, Cori soon meets Siwon, the attractive lifeguard who saves her life and Taylynn ends up meeting Donghae, one of the lifeguard's closest friends. Will the two girls still have fun together or will these two men break the girls apart? 

영원히 내 가슴엔 (Forever in my heart)

By ryeowookisperfect621 Updated
Tags  angst   donghae   oneshot   superjunior   characterdeath   donghaexoc 
Characters Donghae, Laura (OC)
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 2 comments, 1796 words
Status Completed

This is a oneshot that I wrote for the awesome Taemins_LittleNoona! (Sorry this took so long!) Word count: 1,744 words (wow that's a lot...) XD

Best Friend's Brother

By silvermonkeyfish Updated
Characters Sooyeon (you) & Donghae, Donghwa
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 75 subscribers, 4180 views, 33 comments, 3130 words
Status [M], Completed

Me, submissive?

By insomniaticstars Updated
Characters Donghae, Sohyun (OC)
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 23 subscribers, 4780 views, 6 comments, 1135 words
Status [M], Completed

Donghae + Iseul = A Love Story [REVISING] - [HIATUS] - [EDITING]

By terehenwon999 Updated
Tags  donghae   eunhyuk   romance   superjunior   donghaexoc 
Characters Donghae + Eunhyuk + Iseul+ Yeon Sung + Hana + Super Junior
With 1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 330 views, 3 comments, 564 words

A Story about D

Can You Melt The Ice?

By NicNicBleh Updated
Characters donghaexoc superjunior
With 2 chapters, 1 comments, 1400 words

  "Make up your damn mind! Im not going to pamper you anymore. Shut up and get lost!" The little girl that stood in front of her mother clutched onto her teddy bear tighter. She just wanted an ice cream. Was that so much to ask for? Turning around, the little girl carried herself out of the room. Once the girl was out of sight, the self-centred mother stomped around the room and started pushing whatever that was in her way. The vase, the table, the ch