Personal Message

Hi there!

My name is Hana.
I love, love, LOVE K-pop and fanfics! I'm so happy that there are so many people who feel the same way and I want to
get to know more people like that! My friends just don't understand K-pop at all! It's so annoying!
Hope to find some friends here instead.

See you around, Bye! xD

About Me

My favourite colours are purple, red and black.
I like to call myself social, friendly, kind and nice but you never know what others might say, huh? xD
I love drinking tea, coffee and eating chocolate.
I love writing fanfics, poems and other stories... usually dark but in the end happy stuff!

My favourite band in K-pop is Super Junior.
I love Donghae! He saved my life and I am forever grateful towards him<3 I love him with all my heart and... HE'S MINE!!! xD Haha only kidding but he's seriously mine so back off es! ;) Haha, no kidding again! I just want him and all the other members to be happy :) And I hope Hae finds his princess (me!) one beautiful day~ *dreamy sigh*


One more thing...I WANT FRIENDS! Just saying xP
That's it for now I think...
Bye, continue to write great fanfics and support your biases! Love Hana<3