First Meeting

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Jongwoon was assigned to hunt down a vampire who was out there killing humans, he saw the coordinates and went to find the vampire and be done for today and then can enjoy his time alone. 

But when he came closer to the place where the rogue usually went out to, he felt a sudden pull towards someone he couldn’t exactly understand why. Nonetheless, he left the uncomfortable feeling aside for now and focused on finding the vampire.

He was about to enter a pub where he heard noises on the backside of the alley and because he could hear better then the average humans, he knew what was going on


“Hey, gorgeous can’t you stay with me for today. I assure you, I will make you feel good” a man spoke who was molesting the other.

“No, leave me alone. Get off me.” the younger spoke out loud but clearly his voice was breaking and he seemed terrified.


I went closer to the area and saw a petite young man being held by the person. Initially I wasn’t going to interfere with the human’s affair but when I saw the other person forcing the younger man, I knew he was the person I came here to look for- a vampire-. I smirked because this made my task easier.


“You found me the trouble looking for you” I said and both men's attention was towards me.

“Who are you? Can't you see what i am doing? If you want him you can get him after I am done” said the vampire 


Clearly this person is more of an idiot than I thought.


“You should see who you are dealing with before you make assumptions about me.” I said while I let out some of the vampire aura and as soon as I did it, the vampire knew who I was and stepped back releasing the petite young man.


“W-Why are y-you h-here?” the vampire said.

“If you didn’t want to be apprehended you shouldn’t have broken the law.”

“What law? I was hungry so I ate. What was so bad about it?”

“Absolutely nothing. Look, I absolutely don’t care what you did or what you didn't do or even better why you did? I came here to do my job.”

“Right you are just a puppet.”

“If you're done, let's get this over with, I need to go back.”


But as soon as I took a step, the vampire had wrapped his hands around the human and had drawn out his claws and pointed it to the human’s vein.


“Take a step closer and he dies. You are still a royal, you can’t harm humans”

“You can harm him” the human eyes widened in fear more when I spoke out the words, he was more scared of my words rather than being held as a hostage right now.

“B-But even you won’t resist if you see blood” and at that moment, his nails drove to the human's skin and pricked it, a drop of blood flowing out.<

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