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Jongwoon is a vampire and a prince. He works like a puppet and does whatever he is asked or more appropriately ordered to do, he works hard so his little brother won't have to deal with the hardships. His friends are worried about him as Jongwoon works soulessly and does not care about himself, his friends wants the old Jongwoon back who was a hard worker and did his job but smiled a lot as well but now they don't see a smile across his face ever.

Hyukjae is a university student who works here and there to get the money for his tuition fees. He wants to open his dance studio because dance has always been his passion. He lives together with a person who has taken care of him after his parents kicked him out. 


what will happen when the cold vampire meet the human dancer?!!


Hello guys!!

First of all I wanted to mention some things, this fic happened when I wrote a drabble entitled yehyuk on twt, I wasn't expecting people to like the plot so when I opened twt again, well ppl wanted me to write it and it encouraged me to sketch a plot out.

I had two yehyuk fic and elfs were casting their votes but as you can see vampire yehyuk fic won.

So here I am writing the story.

Just want to let you all know this would be an au so it will posted on my twt acc as well and here too. 

But just wanted to let this fact out that I may not be frequent for the updates for this because I am writing another fic and I have deadlines to meet for university, if you like the story plz subscribe so you will know when a new chapter is out. 


Also note I will not abandon my fics, I will write it till the end, so I hope you all can please bear with me, I would really appreciate it.



NOTE: I do not own the characters in the fic, I have taken theirs names and personality in mind but the plot is my own.




Also if your wondering how I got the idea well blame BURN THE FLOOR performace video, it was so amazing and yesung just took my breath away.

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