Bonds and Ties

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You are very capable and skilled, but you aren’t officially a ninja, mainly because you never stayed at a village longer than a week. Your father is a traveling merchant — a civilian. You and your family move from village to village selling specialty products from various lands and nations so there wasn’t really a chance for you to become a ninja. You help your father sell products during the day while you train with your mother by night.

Your mother insisted it was imperative that you learn the ninja way, claiming that you were an important figure and that you were destined for greatness. You weren’t really sure what she meant by that but you liked the strain you occasionally feel when you trained as well as the thrill that courses through your body when you learn a new jutsu. It was fun.

It was fun until it wasn't and you and your mother were needed back in Konoha, a place where you've never even been to despite all your travels.

What happens next?



The next series of events went by on a blur since then. All you could remember was that you froze on the spot when you saw people were congregated somewhere along the way back to the Land of Hot Water and with your sharp hearing skills, you could hear their terror as they talked about someone who got killed. How this man was the fourth man to be killed this week alone. You haven’t even seen the dead person but you sure felt anxious.


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