Love Language

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You've always thought that Neji was honorable, strong, smart, good looking, and just overall dreamy. So you find yourself having a teeny tiny crush on him. But what if he likes you too?


"Since that day, you became so much closer with Neji. Whenever he finds you walking alone, he’d offer to walk with you. When you were both assigned on missions, you noticed he started bringing food pills for you. When you were somehow at the training grounds at the same time, he’d hand you an extra bottle of water. 

You figured it was his way of thanking you. Nevertheless, the gestures made your heart flutter."


Pairings: Neji x Y/N

A/N: First time writing a fic for Neji. In fact, this is my first time writing a fanfic involving anime characters. But I’m so whipped for Neji I couldn’t stop myself from writing this. Please let me know your thoughts about this. 💜


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