Can We Be More? [editing process]


What if Yang Minji confessed her feelings to Lee Kyungwoo?
When she does, she already knew his answer to it.

"I have someone else in mind."

Understanding him, Minji agrees although heartbroken
and decides to end their friendship in secret for her own sake.

Kyungwoo, confused by her decision, agrees half-heartedly
and keeps his end of the secret.

Later into the new semester, a transfer student walks into
Class 1-3 and catches the eyes of all the female students.

His name is Seo Ji-Ho.

Once being seatmates with Kyungwoo, Ji-ho gets the
chance to talk with Yang Minji.

Kyungwoo, knowing that he and Minji aren't friends anymore,
starts to feel something different in his heart.
The feeling of jealousy.

*disclaimers: this is loosely based off of the webdramas, Love Revolution & 18 Again *



Jung Daeun as Yang Minji

She is a student in Class 1-3, who acts realistic but is insecured about her decisions at most,
becomes the crush of transfer student, Seo Ji-Ho, for her unforeseen kindness and caring personality.

Kim Younghoon as Lee Kyungwoo

He is a student in Class 1-3, who prefers to sleep rather than study for days, becomes Seo Ji-Ho's secret wingman
to get closer to Yang Minji meanwhile is now questioning about who he truly likes.

Choi Bomin as Seo Ji-Ho

He is a transfer student in Class 1-3, who studies for days and loves to voluteer, develops a crush on Yang Minji
and asks Kyungwoo for any pointers; however, knows there's something going on between the two.

Park Ji Hoon as Gong Jooyoung

Lee Ruby as Wang Jarim

Im Dayoung as Oh Ah-ram

Ahn Do Kyu as Ahn Kyungmin (left) & Ko Chan Bin as Kim Byung Hoon

Kim Seung Hee as Hong Jin Hee

x x x x x



xxx Start → Finish xxx
start: 12.01.2020 :start
finish: 04.13.2022 :finish

xxx Editing Process xxx
start: 12.15.2023 :start
finish: ??? :finish


Just a BIG heads-up for everyone, I will be starting the editing process for this story. However, I will not be drafting this story for the sake of the readers; if a chapter is unavailable, you know why. thank you


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