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*the league

we find the matches, you make the friend

- this week's member of
the week:
snsd's yuri

current event
- event name: idols squid
- event details here: ended!
event winners: ryujin & lisa


guide 2 the league


who are we?


buddy system


other links

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about the league

The league is a non-au instagram roleplay that works with a buddy system. This buddy system is similar to an online matchmaking, but for friends. We think that people are more than just a photo. They have stories to tell, and passions to share. And things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather. We want people to get noticed for who they are, not what they look like.

Everybody deserves a friend and it doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 5 or 2. One friend is better than none at all. We want to connect people through their interests and likes, then give them the tools to connect in a way they’ll have fun.

Founder: sparky & friends
Established: october 27, 2020
Status: Open & accepting


Just Some Rules

one. in order to send in your application you’ll have to be subscribed to the thread. upvoting is not required, but is greatly appreciated.

two. reservations last 24 hours. make sure to use the application form provided in the layout. members are only allowed 1 faceclaim.

three. we are a closed community. your account must only follow the members of the roleplay, no one else. if the admins see you following someone who isn't in the roleplay, they will ask you to remove them.

four. while this roleplay is focused primarily on faces seen in korean entertainment, faceclaims of asian descent are welcome. if you have questions about a certain faceclaim, please message us and we will help you. we do not allow members to roleplay the deceased, highly controversial individuals, and those who've stated that they're uncomfortable being roleplayed.

five. unless otherwise stated or indicated, all edits, roleplay activities is the property of the creators of this roleplay. if you see somthing that was created by you without given the proper credit please let us know!

six. we are a matchmaking roleplay, so please keep in mind that activity here is very important. if you don’t have time to be active and socialize this place is not for you. we’ll have monthly activity checks and in order to pass those checks you will be required to have interacted with at least 2 buddies per month. the whole point of this activity check is to weed out those who hoard characters. if you focus on having fun, socializing and participating in the activities, you'll be able to pass the activity check with no problem and perhaps even forget of its existence. hopefully we didn't scare you guys off with this rule :(

seven. we have a dating ban of 1 week, but move in couples are more than welcome. please make sure to state the name of your partner in your application or inform base once you’ve been accepted.

eight. we accept all orientations inside the roleplay and will also respect this

nine. out of character drama is not tolerated. we kindly ask that everyone here respects each other and that if a problem arise, to contact the admins first. do not ualize minors; or anyone who isn’t comfortable with the ual content.

ten. we understand that people have a life outside roleplaying so if you require a hiatus please let base know about it. a full hiatus is up to 2 weeks maximum.

eleven. make sure to inform base when you’re taking your departure from the roleplay. if you leave without informing us, we will have you blacklisted.

twelve. a t/cc has to go through base first. a tcc lasts for 4 days with a one week ban in between. tccs are not allowed while you're on hiatus.

thirteen. once your instagram account gets accepted by base, post your introduction within 24 hours to not get booted.

[✱] more rules...



ateez. hongjoong, san, seonghwa, wooyoung, yunho

aespa. karina

bigbang. gdragon

blackpink. jennie, jisoo, lisa, rose

bts. jimin, jungkook, v

enhypen. jake, sunoo

exo. kai

fromis_9. chaeyoung, jisun

got7. jayb, jackson, yugyeom

itzy. ryujin, yeji

iz*one. minju, yena

kingdom. chiwoo

model/ulzzang. yongjin, yuutaro

nct. jaehyun, jaemin, jungwoo, taeyong

red velvet. irene, yeri

seventeen. hoshi, jeonghan, joshua, mingyu, s.coups, wonwoo, vernon

snsd. seohyun, yoona, yuri

soloist. jinhyeong, tiffany young, woodz

stray kids. han, hyunjin, lee know

the boyz. eric, juyeon, sunwoo

txt. beomgyu, yeonjun

twice. nayeon, tzuyu

[✱] more faceclaims...


application process

one. register for an faceclaim in the comments thread by using the application form. wait until your reservation is accepted before proceeding with the instructions given.

[✱] more here...


faceclaim name + group:
faceclaim dob (eg. jan 15, 1996)
timezone (gmt)
orientation (eg. hetero)
list three of your hobbies (self explanatory)



s.coups. wishes for the rest of his children (seventeen)

jungwoo. wishes for sugardaddies and mommies

irene. wishes for the rest of her children (red velvet)

tiffany. wishes for dean to be my husband and father of my children

taeyong. wishes for chungha, cl, harin, everglow, the rest of red velvet, doyeon, and more women

nana. wishes for exo's kai, sehun and chanyeol. the rest of after school. actor lee minki, woo dohwan and wi hajoon

nayeon. wishes for the rest of twice

wooyoung. wishes for the rest of ateez

yugyeom. wishes for complete got7

lee know. wishes for wjsn, former pristin members

vernon. wishes for soloist iu, heize, suran, bibi, former (g)i-dle's soojin, red velvet's joy, everglow, twice's chaeyoung

[✱] Press Shift+Enter to add another line, or Shift+Enter twice to mimic the line break above.

welcome to the league! please be patient in awaiting a response. ( ᐛ )و
(!!!) please make sure to state your fc's group name in your application!

please read our "important" announcement in the chapters before applying ♡
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