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What kpop group should I write about next?

  • Astro
  • Monsta X
  • SF9
  • Wanna one
  • Ikon

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I like to help edit stories too. So if you have a story and English isn't your first language or you just want someone to review and edit. I'm your gal! Just set me as a co-author and give me credits (you don't have to give me actual kp if you don't want to) but just mention me in your story for editing! I'll help fix up your story in no time! I already helped some people already and I kind of want to keep helping. So just message me if you want me to take a look at your stories! :D

About Me

Annyeonghaseyo. I hope you all enjoy my fanfic stories ... and add me as your friend if you want! ^^ I will continue to write fanfics until I tell myself I wont anymore ... so keep in mind ... I will keep writing for a LONG time! XD