Love letters to you


''If I can't see you, touch you, hear you, I'll at least write you my life for you will always be part of it''




''My friend, I thought we'd be forever.''


Hello dear friend,

today I'm writing you this letter just to tell you about the past week. I made sure to take some notes so I don't forget anything.

On monday school was fine, though I proved once again that I actually kind of at math and sports. But that's fine, since I am not planning on picking a major that requires good grades in either. Though it's still a long time until I have to choose.

Tuesday was pretty much the same, only that duiring lunch someone came to sit with me. I didn't really know wha to do so I just left.

Wednesday and thursday were pretty boring, I was sick and just slept through both days.

Today, friday, I'm feeling much better. After school I'll go and visit your favourite coffeeshop. I know, unbelievable, me and coffee, believe me, I was surprised as well but ever since you left I started drinking it more and more and I actually fell in love with it.

I planned to take Toby on a walk this weekend. Mom still finds it weird but I love caring for him, he's just so sweet and he understands me. He's quiet and reserved and nobody ever wants to be around him, except for me of course, even mom started avoiding him after you left but to me he is still the cute puppy he always was. 

I just wish you got to see us again.

Sincerely, Me.


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