time will (not) do us part

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All Wendy asked for was an exceptionally skilled freedom fighter from 20th century Korea. Instead, the Sundial Bureau gifts her with a partner straight out of Goryeo. It’s a bloody headache, really. Joohyun may be a legendary archer-warrior, but she’s way more than what Wendy had bargained for.


Hey there! It’s vitamin-blue once again and it’s a pleasure to be back with my next multi-chapter fic: “time will (not) do us part”. I was inspired by various K-dramas I’ve watched over the period of my life, like Iljimae, My Country: The New Age, The King: Eternal Monarch, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Hotel Del Luna and Goblin, just to name a few. As mentioned on Twitter and in this story’s tags, TWNDUP will be a time travel AU. It will also be based in Korea.


I did do some reading into Korean history and folklore to get a better understanding of the world I’m writing. However, I thought it necessary to let you know that I’ve taken a lot of creative liberty with the characters, their places in history and location names, so it is entirely fictional. I mean no disrespect to Korea’s real history.


Last but not least, below is a comprehensive list of terminologies and definitions that you may not be familiar with. I’ll update the list as more terms come in by the chapter (and don’t worry, the new terms will also be defined in my greetings of the chapter they’re revealed in). That said, I hope that as the story progresses, you’ll be able to gain a fuller understanding of these terms beyond their translated definitions.


Mago: Shortened form for “Magohalmi”, or Grandmother Mago. A goddess who created nature and the geographical formations, according to Korean folklore.

Dal: Roughly translates to “moon”.

Jeonsa: Roughly translates to partner, comrade or champion.

Gakgung: A Korean traditional bow, known for its incredible power and range.

Hwal: Bow (like, the weapon)

Haenyeo: Skilled divers from Jeju who harvest a variety of molluscs, seaweed and sea life from the ocean. The trade's majority are comprised of women. They can hold their breath for up to 3 minutes in a single dive.

Yang: Roughly translates to 'sun".

Geom: Sword

Ri: Korean mile, equivalent to 0.393km or 0.244 miles.

Jeogori: A basic upper garment which has been worn by both women and men. It covers the arms and upper part of the body.

Chima: A form of skirt worn together with the jeogori.


Many thanks to blk_prl for agreeing to being my beta-reader for this, I really appreciate you and the time you put into this <3 My gratitude also goes out to mishbyulyi for the amazing cover art—it already breathes so much life into the story before it has even begun! Feel free to reach out to me via @vitaminxblue on Twitter, via mentions, DMs or even my CuriousCat! You can also use "TWNDUP" in your tweets since I'll be checking that once in a while!


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rereading. i hope youre doing well, author
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Its no even the fic anynore but i really hope you're fine and just been busy with work/life... its been years, you were so active with reply here and twt that the lack of activity make me a lil worried.
Author where are you? 😢
Chapter 3: When author has not updated for a long time your start thinking is he/she doing well? I hope that you are doing well author. N0t that craving for any updates from your work but to hear that you are alright is enough for me 🥺
WluvsBaetokki #5
Chapter 3: Awwww... just when I was having so much fun reading and getting into the story 😔
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Chapter 3: Lke it
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miss you author! hope you're well! here again to reread hehe
came back here to re-read bc i missed your stories then i saw that it's been exactly a year since you updated this. i hope you're doing fine authornim!
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Hello Author haven't heard from you in a long time. I hope you are doing well