seems like we've been here before

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It isn’t great news, really. Joohyun's first encounter with her new manager leaves such a terrible impression that the soloist is positive things are just going to go downhill from here on out. That, and Wendy Son certainly knows how to keep her on her toes.


Hi! This is vitamin-blue with a story idea that has been sitting in my head for a good couple of weeks, so before I went crazy, I decided to begin writing it. The AU for "seems like we've been here before" is not hugely "alternate", so everything takes place in South Korea, everyone speaks Korean (unless indicated otherwise), and you'll definitely recognise all the key characters in here. I also wanted to play around with some of my favourite tropes like enemies-to-friends-to-lovers, neighbours and dual personas. So I hope it will be one heck of a ride for you like it will be for me.

One important point I'd like to make is that you'll find me switching between using Seungwan and Wendy outside dialogue a lot. I know it can be confusing, but I have a specific reason why I'm writing it that way, which hopefully, I'll be able to make clear why in either the third or fourth chapter. (Scratch that, it'll be clearest in the fifth chapter, 'cause I'm pretty sure you guys can see where I'm taking this by now).

I really appreciate you picking this out of all the amazing fanfics out there, and I really hope you'll enjoy it! I'm always keen to hear everyone's thoughts and feelings about it, so feel free to leave comments or message me directly. If you want, I don't mind being friends too, so feel free to reach out!

AUTHOR'S EDIT AS OF 27/04/2020: Although I'm certain that you guys know that everything in this story is fictitious, I've decided to change the entertainment label name to something that doesn't exist in reality. I realised I should distance the fic from any existing corporate entity as much as possible. But no worries, I've picked something I'm sure RV fans would be familiar with! Thanks for understanding!

AUTHOR'S GREETINGS AS OF 21/05/2020: A huge, huge thank you to everyone who has followed and supported this fic thus far. It's only because of you that SLWBHB got to be featured. As the writer, I'm incredibly thankful and grateful for the love you showered on me and my story. Thank you for all your messages of congratulations, be it here on AFF or on Twitter. Each and every comment left is precious to me. I am absolutely thrilled to be on this adventure with you! This feature is yours to celebrate as much as it is mine <3

AUTHOR'S GREETINGS AS OF 22/06/2020: It pleases me to tell you that SLWBHB now has a cover! It's been beautifully drawn by mishbyulyi, who has given me the permission to use it for the fic cover <3 Of course, I also want to thank lettuccine for the lovely art you drew for the WenSeul scene in Chapter 16!!! Although a part of me is sad that SLWBHB is coming to an end with just the epilogue left to write, I'm still grateful for all the love you've showered on my story and my heart is full and I'm quite positively melting.

I want to dedicate this feature to everyone who has supported and followed this story, for loving it, for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me💖💙 I couldn’t have done it without you!


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Chapter 17: It's so great story 😍🤗💕😭
this is long overdue and i've been contemplating leaving comments here but i can bravely & honestly say, this is the only wenrene fic i've read in one sitting because i simply couldn't stop. i've stopped writing and reading wenrene for a while now bc i've lost the passion for them, but this is igniting a new motivation in me that i can't place till i saw that i had this bookmarked.

the pace of the story is perfect; the emotions in both characters (especially when wendy can't bring herself to be honest about her identity), the conflicting emotions really brings a heartwrenching emotion and i'm not even kidding, there were several instances where i got goosebumps throughout the story. i will say there are several twists and turns that could be considered predictable (not for me) but your execution of the whole plot was amazing. as im typing this, i'm already one chapter before the epilogue but i want to praise you now, for this work of art. thank you so much for writing, i'm not sure if you have any other stories upcoming in the works but i will definitely be staying tuned. who knows? it might just pull me back to wenreneland one day. thank you again, for writing <3
Riscark #3
Chapter 17: Rereading my bookmark, one of the best wenrene story in here
Chapter 17: I had already read this using my old account that i couldn't access anymore since i forgot the email and password that i had used ijbol. It's nice to reread the fics that became a part of my past and made me feel giddy and anticipate each update. It brings back memories. It's nice
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Chapter 16: this is cuteee COO SON and IDOL IRENE 😍
1744 streak #7
Chapter 17: I miss this story~ COO Wendy and Idol Irene
Chapter 17: Re reading this again because i miss manager son and soloist joohyun 💙
TaeSicaDaisy #9
Chapter 17: Rereading this again 🩵
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