i'm someone you won't talk about (falling)

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International bestselling celebrity author Wendy Son finds herself struck down with a terrible case of writer’s block for her highly-anticipated novel Falling. At her wits’ end, she falls asleep while trying to work out her final draft, only to wake up in the world of Falling, with no known way of leaving. What’s worse is that she’s now trapped as the secretary to her novel’s jilted and disgruntled secondary character, CEO Irene Bae.


Hey there, vitamin-blue back again with a very spontaneous fic post-watching Chicago Typewriter plus re-watching another older drama aka W: Two Worlds. As I've warned on Twitter, and as you'll see on this fic's tag, this one-shot is where I try my hand at angst and a sad ending. I, for one, always need prior warning when it comes to sad endings, because I need to prepare my heart to be broken and my sadness unresolved. So know that if any of my stories has a sad ending, I will warn you beforehand. Without much further ado, I hope you enjoy this one-shot. Or not enjoy it, since it's angst after all. Don't hate me too much after this please.

Author's Note: I've removed the "sad ending" and replaced it with "happy ending" for obvious reasons :)



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rairyll #1
Chapter 2: Just finished re-reading this and it's still as good as I can remember from when I first read this. Ngl, I was kinda hoping in Part 2 that Irene would go to Seungwan's world this time 😭 idk how that would work, imagine having Irene and Joohyun in 1 world 😌 i guess that would be complicated since Irene's inspired from Joohyun. Anw, looking forward to your future works!!!
Chapter 2: Thank you for this beautiful story 🥰
TaeSicaDaisy #3
Chapter 2: Really love this story!! But, I hope author can be clear what happened to Seungwan in the Falling story? Like, was she permanently there in Hyeonsil House?
yourfriendalways #4
Chapter 1: it hurts so good
quinncimm #5
Chapter 2: I discovered this story just an 3 hours ago after seeing someone reread it on twt. And wow! That was one hell of a ride! I cried hard after I finished the 1st chapter and thank goodness you chose to give it a happy ending the next chapter. It's so good, I can't even say anything 😭😭😭. Thank you for this authornim!

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morongpenkey #7
loved this story
Chapter 1: Wow what a ride in 1 chapter. Your writing was excellent. I enjoyed the character who knew she was the author. Great job!
Chapter 2: This is good but I prefer previous ending... Anyway thank you for amazing story!!!
Chapter 1: I was crying non stop from the moment Seungwan bawling with Irene....😭