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I'm so sorry [JiKook]
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[Park Jimin] 

I woke up because of my damn alarm clock, did I forgot to turn it off last night? Sighing, I reached for it to turn it off before someone get mad because of it and made me buy another piece again.

[December 24, 20xx 7:00 am] 

It's said making me smile, today is Christmas eve our first Christmas together again after 4 years. Jungkook and I didn't get together as soon as he was released from the hospital, I gave him time for himself because he needs that. We just got back together during my birthday party which he organized when we got a photoshoot in Paris. Sweet right? Well, it's Jungkook's idea and that is the best birthday I had. A month after that, we started moving in together because as he said:

"You don't know how Joonie and Jinnie hyung teased me and being so lovey-dovey every time I was there! I know they are husbands but helloooo I was there with them and their room is not that soundproof you know?!"

With that, I have decided to asked him to move in with me since he already sold his (I mean OUR) old apartment because he said he wanted to move on from everything in his past. Luckily, he accepted it after giving me rules to do in my own apartment. Now, we're living together for a month and will be celebrating our first Christmas Eve here just the two of us. But first, he needs to let go of me so I can prepare our breakfast.

After trying to be free from a huge koala, I stretch a bit and plant a small kiss on his forehead then went directly to our bathroom to wash up after that, I walk towards our kitchen to cook.



I was so focused on cooking that I didn't notice him waking up, not until I feel two strong arms winding around my waist and hot minty breath on my nape. I smiled.

"Good Morning baby.."

"Morning Mimin... Are those pancakes?" 

"Yeah, I already cooked bacon and omelet. Can you make me a coffee and milk for you?" I asked flipping the pancake on the pan.

"Yeah. But... Kiss me first. It's a rule..." He said that made me chuckle, then he started to whine.

"Aigoo my baby, come here." I said putting the spatula down.

"Hi." He said when he moved from my back to my side tiptoeing to reach me. I tried to more but he pulls me down to kiss him better. 

"There you go, now make me coffee." I said and went back to cooking. He huffed but also moved to do what I said. 




"What do you want us to cook for dinner?" I said searching for a good show to watch, Jungkook is washing the dishes.

"Let's just have simple ones, we will have a lot of food at NamJin's house by tomorrow." 

"Did you just call them NamJin? I will tell Jin hyung about that. But, okay we can have just simple candlelight dinner.." I said moving around to lay down comfortably on our sofa.

"We are going to visit Minwoo hyung with the hyungs right?" Jungkook asked laying down on top of me.

"Hmnnn... He said it's fine not to, but I know he will be alone so we will visit him we need to drop some donation too. Wait. Did you put the boxes I told you to put inside the van?" I asked sighing when he shakes his head as a no.

"Manager hyung told me my driver will be here later to get the van... Why didn't you do what I said?" I asked.

"They are heavy..." 

"They are just 5 boxes with clothes and goods, how does it heavy?" I asked again, I swear this kid is being lazy too much. 

"Why are they even here? Your staff can just pick them up and sent it why do we have to-"

"First it's OUR old clothes and the goodies are from your hyung who drop it off here without saying anything at all. Second, I gave my staff a week off right?" I said and then he looks at me, smiling like an idiot.

"Then just help me with it." Jungkook said making me groan in frustration.

"I just went back from a shoot hours ago Jeon." I said glaring at him, he started to whine.

"I know~ but help me please~" 

"It's your task." 

"Come on~"

"I'm tired"

"I'll massage you later..... I will use your favorite oil... How was it?" He said eyebrows raising, then straddling me. His white shirt covering his boxers making him look like he is wearing nothing under it.

I sigh. I am weak man.






After lifting 5 large boxes glaring at the boy who is just watching me and acting like he is helping me, we are finally done. We had decided to go to the market and bought the things we need tonight. 

The market is p

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Chapter 3: Just found this fic today, and I can't wait to read where this story will go.