I'm so sorry [JiKook]

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Jimin got a job as new model for Calvin Klein in US, after his contract of 3 years Jimin signed another contract with Calvin Klein Korea.

When he comes back, he realize what he lost when he left Korea 3 years ago.

But he never thought they will see each other again. He felt that he needs to do something.

And, a lot of things change.

A lot of things happened.

Is Jimin coming back a good or a bad idea?

[In this fic JK will be the shorter one than JM.]

WRITTEN: December 2018
PUBLISHED: August 2020


Before we start, I just want to say that this book is not like my old works some part may trigger anyone so I put warnings before the chapters like an actual TW. Please tell me how to put the right TW if I was wrong because this will be my first time putting warnings on my book. Read the tags before reading the chapter so you will have the choice to continue reading or not. Thank you very much. 

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters but I 100% made and wrote the whole story, if you will find the same story it may be coincidental or someone is stealing/copying my story. This book is all from my imagination and a work of fiction. Thank you.


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Chapter 3: Just found this fic today, and I can't wait to read where this story will go.