Chapter 1

I'm so sorry [JiKook]
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[Park Jimin]

"Stop listening to your heart! Stop being an idiot! You're a smart person Jimin!" 

"But Tae, I don't think I can leave him alone aga-" 

"Yes he's there, and you are back! But that doesn't mean he wants you back Jimin! For sake he is in a relationship with Minwoo for 2 years now!" Taehyung shouts at me, its good that we are talking through phone, if not this will be embarrassing because I'm on a photoshoot right now when I called my best friend about who my temporary photographer is.

"I just want to talk to him, asked him to forgive me?! Is that bad to do Tae? I know I was wrong leaving him like that alone! But I just want him to talk to me, to forgive me! I just-"

"You just want him back, you still love him right? After all this time Jimin! Move on! What does he have that I don't?! What?! I keep on trying, why can't you just let him go and take me." Taehyung asked.

"He owns my heart, my body, and my soul. I'm willing to wait even hurt myself just to have him back in my life even if that means we will never be together again. I just can't love someone that is not him. I'm sorry, Tae but I hope you will understand. I'm so sorry." That's all I said and end the call then keep it in my pocket. I felt my cheeks are getting wet, I didn't even know I'm crying now. 

"You have something to do Jimin, let's go!" I said to myself and get out of my dressing room to find him. 




"Yes, of course, sir. I will do my best. Yes, I will not embarrass you I promise. Thank you for trusting me, Sir. Yes, goodbye." I heard his voice and walks towards him, we almost bump to each other but didn't happen because we stop on our tracks and look at each other. 

"Ji-Mr. Park! I.. uhmn, I was just talking to my b-boss and the team is not r-ready yet. Maybe we can start at 9:20! I... I'll uhmn talk to t-them." He stutters one hand place on his nape, he still has that mannerism. Other than his visual, he didn't change at all.  

"No, it's fine! This kind of things happen, I also arrived an hour earlier than the call time." Because I am so excited when I heard you will be my photographer. I didn't say that of course. I watch him nods, eyes not meeting mine.


"I think I should go now. I.. I have to prepare my stuff. You should... uhmn prepare for the shoot too-"

"There is still a lot of time for that. I just want to talk, how are you? I am proud to see you as a photographer! I can't believe I didn't see you at your graduation. What if I will treat you today? We can hang-out and-"

"Look Jimin-ssi. I am here because YOUR photographer got sick and

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Chapter 3: Just found this fic today, and I can't wait to read where this story will go.