WiFi Squabbles


"Can you please just change it? I am due in four minutes and have already wasted 30 precious seconds in trying to persuade you to do so. So, please ing change the password already Park Chanyeol."

"Hmm," Chanyeol ponders, tone teasing and all that aggravates Baekhyun even more. "how about a no?"

God, how much Baekhyun wants to punch Chanyeol's lips with his own if it weren't for him being an annoying dumb .


HIIII I know I haven't posted in a while. I don't even know if some of my subscribers still know me but oh well, I am just posting for the sake of entertainment.

I really had tons of fun writing this since its been a while since I've written this long. Tbh this work was in my archive for a whole year and today I decided to continue this.

I really felt satisfaction from being able to finish this and contement since it really had been a while since ive completed something. 

I hope y'all will enjoy this as much as I do!! <3 <3 


P.s. This is also crossposted on my Ao3 account heheh so if y'all prefer reading there, you can find me with the same username over there ;) 


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Chapter 1: Baek said, ' my essay, I'm going to get myself the boy first'. Like yes, priorities straight right. lmaooo! Yeol's just too cute tho, changing the wifi password just to get Baek to notice him. This is a really, really lovely fic.
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Chapter 1: Ohhh , shim-koong 🥰
This made me weak on the knee 😅
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I'm not even starting yet but already too excited for this.
Chapter 1: cuteeeee omg
Chapter 1: This was such a lovely short story! Chanyeol is so annoying changing the password czgskxmxnshks I when the WiFi stops working. But oh gosh there was so much good tension between them, the flirty looks! Their feelings and thoughts. You described everything so well and accurate, I loved it! And the ending was really nice, Baekhyun threatening he won't kiss him anymore if he doesn't fix it awww that was so cute. This was such a great story, thank you so much for writing it, i really enjoyed it! All the love ❤❤❤