Of Stupid Confessions and Dumb Oh Sehun


“How? Tell me how?! ‘Park Chanyeol I’m not the straightest guy out here in the world and I’m so gay for you? Probably in love with you since the first time I bumped into you by the library?’. Does that even sound—“

“Baekhyun?” a low voice called out for his name, a voice that definitely did not come from the other end of the phone and most certainly, positively not Oh Sehun’s voice.

He knew it. Byun Baekhyun was doomed.


Just a random fluff I came up because why not. School is near and I won't be able to write as regularly (not that I'm posting regularly anyway.). 

Nevertheless, enjoy the fluffy fluff of the perfect Breakfast Couple. 



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Chapter 1: Ohhh, shim-koong 🥰
Chapter 1: This is so fluffy :3