Of All Things Pleasant


Kyungsoo likes the word organized and orderliness.

But Baekhyun likes surprises and sudden walks. 

Who would actually thought that one of them would be willing to compromise? 


It's been a while~ 
I think I have rusted for not writing in a year and I am here, alive and kicking, wishing I'd be able to write more as I have four months of vacation!
As a token for EXO's 6 years and comeback (hopefully) gift, I have done BaekSoo. 
It's the ship I love next to BaekYeol TTuTT 
Hope I won't disappoint in this one! As usual this contains fluff, fluff and just fluff. 



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Chapter 1: This is just so cute and pure, help! Very soft and just absolutely fluff!
Chapter 1: Sooooooo fluffy!! My heart is melting <333333333