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Hello~ Rosa speaking. I make moodboards out of fun and you can be sure that I put a bundle of love in every design I do. Feel free to add me as a friend! sometimes, I make moodboards for my favorite stories or writers and gift them. Sometimes I just make something random on my own with a story on my mind. I don't consider it graphic designing lol just consider it as fun! So if you have something on your mind, let's work it out into a moodboard!

Taking poster requests.
examples: POSTERS


1. subscribe  2. keep the board in your forward, don't use as background unless there are two or more versions. 3. Don't rush me.  4. You may ask for a redo 5. cancel request within 24 hrs  6. Credit the shop properly in the forward using the banner.  7. Comment when picking up.  8. pay me with a vote 9) keep the board in your forward for at least two weeks. 10) you can claim the moodboards with the [u] tag! You can copy the form below:


1. title:
2. characters i want in the poster:
3. faceclaim of OC (if any):
4. any idea or prominent objects in my story:
5. color scheme:

6. genre/theme:
7. any prominent scene in my story:
8. link to my story:
9. do i want the title of the story in the board:





1. starfan24
2. _Misu_
3. Sway10

4. NeverNinaa


6. Sway10




The pictures, fonts, overlays used are not mine.
Only the design is.


Due to the holidays, I haven't been able to complete the requests. Now that I'm back, I'll start updating again!


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Chapter 30: oh, woooow what a beautiful poster!!! great job <33
Chapter 30: GASP I love it! I love everything about this! It's so cute and omg it's everything I wanted ahhhh this is already motivating me to keep writing for it! Thank you so so much <3 Do you mind if I put one of the mood boards as the story background?
Chapter 29: Chapter 29: i'm here to pick up my request!!
omg, i have no words for the poster :D it turned out very good and even better than expected!!
same for the moodboard, i love the pictures and the colors you used!! they look really suitable to what i have in mind for this fic.
i just have one little remark, tho haha the fic's title is Waves Crush as in crush not crash haha it was written like that for a purpose ^^ i hope that mistake can be fixed? if not and if it will cause you extra work then i'll be happy to take the poster the way it is!!
lat me know!
My new moodboard request! :) hopefully you will accept it! If anything's unclear let me know ~

1. title: Sweet Lies
2. characters i want in the poster: Minho (Lee Know) from Stray Kids
3. faceclaim of OC (if any): -
4. any idea or prominent objects in my story: make up, wigs(crossplaying in general), positive vibes. Minho is crossplaying as a girl and becomes an idol and tries to hide that. I don't know how to convey that feeling for you to work with
5. color scheme: tbh I like dark turquise or blue colors, but i'm not sure if it will look good. if it doesn't fit, just use another color, just not yellow or pink please
6. genre/theme: romance, idols, funny, cute, lively
7. any prominent scene in my story: they are on stage, backstage rooms or dance practice room
8. link to my story:
9. do i want the title of the story in the board: yes
Chapter 28: It looks very pretty! :) Thank you very much!! Can I also request anoter moodboard or poster? :)
i'm finally here to make a request (hopefully for a poster if you can, but if don't, you can make just a moodboard instead!)

1. Waves Crush
2. Baekhyun x oc
3. I don't have a faceclaim in mind, i just want someone young (college student) and pretty LOL
4. beach vibes cuz it's a summer!au
5. anything warm will do, positive like orange/white/sky blue
6. romance, beach!au, summer!au, first love, summer love, slow burn, surfing!au.
7. In which, Go Inhae (a surfing champion) falls in love with her bestie's father who owns a surf club (rated m for inappropriate content)
9. yes, i do!

thanks in advance and if you have any question feel free to let me know!
Here's my request!

1. Miracles Happen
2. Baekhyun x OC
3. I don’t have anyone in mind! You can pick a photo of whomever you think fits the overall poster
4. Crowns (it's a royalty au)
5. A jade green and associated palette
6. Romance, royalty au, rivals to lovers (its kind of a princess diaries au)
7. Baekhyun finds out that he's the crown prince to a country, he also then finds out that if he doesn't get married by the age of 26 the crown will go to the next closest descendent (who just so happens to be the rival in rivals to lovers)
9. Yes pls!
Hi! Just wanted to ask if you were still taking requests :) hoping to get back into writing and getting a poster might trigger more inspo lol
26 streak #9
Chapter 1: This looks perfect, the moodboard captures the vibe. Actually my fingers are itching to write the story for it...
64 streak #10
Chapter 1: This looks so pretty!