A Charade of Love

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  Dalrae had once been engaged to Baekhyun but it was short-lived. The last she had seen of him was when he walked into her father's funeral with a troubled face and held her hand until his wife, Chaerin, called him to eat. Today, he is standing at her door, soaked with rain, claiming that her husband is cheating on her with Chaerin.

  It is all so bizzare to her, even more so as he suggests they must pretend to be romantically involved to teach their spouses a lesson and rescue their families.



byun baekhyun


choi dalrae


jung chaerin


kim jongin

"in this delicate dance, how much can we gain and how much must be lost?"









pairing : baekhyun x dalrae (oc)
genres : angst, family, drama
warnings: language, , long chapters 
au(s) : fakerelationship!au
schedule: update every friday
note: i'm finally writing a baekhyun!
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Haven't been able to stick to my Friday schedule in the holidays but I'm writing the next chapter and it will be out soon!


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9194___ #1
Chapter 3: So they had an even better start than I expected but now I’m even more curious as to how everything got to the way it was!
Jcdfdc4BBh #3
Chapter 3: Interesting
With this flashback it makes me wonder what caused them to marry someone else. Can’t wait for the update
332 streak #4
Chapter 3: I loved that you decided to use flashback to take us back on their starting point. Shy Baekhyun!?!?!? I LOVING IT SO MUCH!!! Not to creep you out but I re-read chapter 1 for more than 5+ times. That's how much I was missing this story.
Thank you for the update :)
332 streak #5
Chapter 3: I literally squealed when I noticed that you updated!!!
332 streak #6
Chapter 2: This sounds so good in so many ways. Looking forward for their story~~
Chapter 2: There are so many things going on in the background that’s making this story up and I love it! I wasn’t sure how it was going to go from that forward to here but this just buzzed in all the right places for me. I wish I had better words for describing how I like this chapter.
Jcdfdc4BBh #8
Chapter 2: Can’t wait for the interaction between Dalrae and Baekhyun. Bet Jongin is not really in Manila.
Can’t wait for the update
Nlnz2016 #9
Chapter 2: A very good start. Thanks! Look forward to the next chapter
This looks interesting, looking forward !!