two lovebirds

Junk of the Heart



ii. two lovebirds



“Hey, lovebirds! I see you two are still joined at the hip even when you’re fighting,” Sooyoung teased as she walked by the couple sitting on the ground.


“Be quiet, Sooyoung,” Joohyun grumbled, splaying out a string of garland. Seulgi held onto its end for her and rolled it neatly as Joohyun went.


“Baby, leave them alone,” Seungwan said and took the box in Sooyoung’s hands. 


It’d been a while since they all spent Christmas together, so they had agreed on having a little celebration at Seungwan’s home. She had been adamant that decorating the house was a must for 'getting into the real holiday spirit'.


“What? Personally, I think it’s adorable,” Sooyoung chuckled. “I mean, look at Seulgi. She’s been looking like a lost puppy tailing Joohyun around for the past hour.”


Truth was, it was just a silly matter, what Joohyun and Seulgi had a disagreement about. Joohyun wasn’t even all that upset about the situation anymore. She just didn’t feel like they could jump back to normal right away, and was sure that Seulgi felt the same. And Sooyoung was right. Seulgi did look adorable wordlessly helping her, reaching the spots on the walls that were an inch too high, tying her hair up for her, and passing her the things she needed a second before Joohyun could remember even needing it in the first place. She hadn’t been able to tell her yet, but Joohyun was thankful for all of the small gestures.


Seulgi looked up at her, offering a pair of scissors and a small smile. Joohyun returned it the best she could without breaking out into a full-blown one.


“Okay, lovebirds. Enough of the googly eyes and make up for real now,” Yerim’s voice came from above. The couple looked up and saw her holding a mistletoe above their heads, waving it impatiently.


“Come on, now. How are we supposed to get into holiday spirit if you can’t follow some tradition?” Yerim persisted when neither of them made a move.


Tradition. Right. All they had to do was kiss under the mistletoe. 


So Joohyun did. Once, twice, and thrice for good measure. 


Joohyun pulled away and giggled when she saw Seulgi blushing.


She’d have to wait until they were alone to thank her more.


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patotie #1
I don’t know if it was just my imagination but there was a new one-shot from this fic that I was planning to read the but I can’t seem to find it.
Chapter 12: Love it, thanks for this.
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Chapter 15: Reread this 🫠🫠
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Better to be late than never so congrats in the feature authy 😁
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Chapter 11: This story is so cute
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Congrats on the feature!
Grats on the feature!
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Chapter 15: Congrats on the feature!
Congrats on the feature