Junk of the Heart


latest: irene goes ring shopping ; doctor irene / detective seulgi 


A dump for all of the random ideas in my head, other pairings/tags may be added along the way! 


1. she's a keeper [seulrene] - flight attendant!irene x zookeeper!seulgi - Seulgi helps Joohyun realize why some things are better off unplanned.

2. pet peeve [michaeng] - domestic au - Chaeyoung struggles to match up with Mina's first love. (repost)

3. with you, always [seulrene] - "With Seulgi...I feel calm."

4. how 'bout a hand for mrs. claus? [2yeon] - In which Nayeon becomes Mrs. Claus for a day.

5. onomatopoeia [seulrene] - Joohyun adjusts to life with the addition of Lulu and Lala at their home.

6. onomatopoeia pt. 2

7. comfort me tomorrow (my teddy bear) [seulrene] - Wherein Joohyun wakes up in the middle of the night, and is caught up in her feelings.

8. neon sign for you (did you see the purple initials?) [seulrene, side wenjoy, yeri] - Seulgi is convinced that the new cook's hands are made of pure magic.

9. 4x8 [binrin] - Yoobin, who solves sudoku before going to sleep; and Yewon, who can't seem to sleep at all.

10. cat on an oak tree [seulrene] - Joohyun calls the fire department for some cat trouble. Seulgi comes to the rescue. Consider it a meet-cute.

11. two lovebirds [seulrene] - Joohyun and Seulgi get into holiday spirit.

12. three doting sisters [seulrene] - Who takes care of the person who takes care of everyone?

13. four calling codes [seulrene] - doctor irene / detective seulgi

14. five golden rings [seulrene] - Irene goes ring shopping.

mga beks jose mari chan is actually my grandfather so im allowed to do this


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Chapter 1: just started reading and this is already so good
patotie #2
I don’t know if it was just my imagination but there was a new one-shot from this fic that I was planning to read the but I can’t seem to find it.
Chapter 12: Love it, thanks for this.
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Chapter 15: Reread this 🫠🫠
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Better to be late than never so congrats in the feature authy 😁
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Chapter 11: This story is so cute
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Congrats on the feature!
Grats on the feature!
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Chapter 15: Congrats on the feature!