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A Night that Changes 360 Degrees of My Life



Yesterday, IU called me and ask to meet. She doesn’t sounds so good. Or should I say, she’s mad actually. I think I know what’s the reason. Maybe she already knows about me and Jiyeon. I feel so bad towards Jiyeon. I wish I could tell her about her mom but I just can’t. I’m sorry Jiyeon-ah. But, family comes first. My family will be at risk if I lost this job. I’m sorry again. Although you can’t hear me.

For about 5 pm, I’ve finished my job and pack my things because IU said, she wants to meet me at 5.30 after she finishes her tutor class. I’m so nervous. What would IU think of me again after this. After what I’ve done to Jiyeon. I’m scared of all her expectation. While I’m packing my things up, Jiyeon’s mom approach me. “ Annyeong, Miss Park “ I bow to her and greet.

“ I heard that you have left Jiyeon yesterday “ she ignore my greet and ask me. I nods. “ Ne Miss Park “ I replied her. “ Good. That was fast “ she said. I look at her , “ I did this for the sake of my family and Jiyeon’s future. Just to remind you Miss, even though I’ve left Jiyeon, I still love her and forever will be. Although one day, she’ll be someone else wife. I will “ I told Jiyeon’s mom. She smirked.

“ And what make you think I care about that ? “ she said and left. I will prove to you Miss Park, I can be a successful person one day. And you will be proud of me. And Jiyeon will be mine forever. You will regret the moment you insult me and ask me to leave Jiyeon. You will regret this thing. I promise.

After finished packing, I took a cab to the café that IU ask to meet. I saw her already waiting for me while reading. I walk to her. “ IU-ah “ I called her name. She look up to me. With her serious face, she look back to her book. “ Please sit down “ she told me as she closed her book. After I sat down, she began to talk.

“ I’m upset of you “ she said. Look me into my eyes. “ You broke your promises “ she continued. I don’t dare to speak right now. I know if she burst into an anger, she will transform into a monster although she’s younger than me. “ Because of you, Jiyeon is now destroyed “ I look at her immediately. “ What do you mean ? “ and only now I dare to speak.

“ What do you mean ? “ she mimicked me. “ What do I mean ? You asked me ? “ She widened her eyes. “ She’s destroyed. She lost her that she took care of for 18 years because of who ? YOU ! “ IU shout. Luckily, she took a sit that is more privacy. So, no one heard her. Only us. “ With whom ? “ I ask her. She left out her breath.

She leaned back to her chair , “ Random guy “ she said. Jiyeon-ah, I’m sorry to make you suffer like this. I’m sorry. This is all my fault. “ IU-ah, I’m sorry “ I apologize to IU. “ Sorry doesn’t make changes. You already did that “ IU said and stand up to walk away. I followed her back with my eyes. I’m sorry girls. This is all my fault. I don’t deserve you, Jiyeon-ah. 


Wooyoung POV

I was on my way home after that ing bored tutor lesson. Shushh, luckily the tutor so cute and adorable but too bad she looks like doesn’t have interest on guys. Even so many times, I smile at her. She just ignore me. I can’t believe that. If it’s another girl, I think they would faint. Tsk, weird girl. “ Let’s go and eat first “ I told the driver. He nods , “ Ne Master “ he said.

When the driver was about to turn, I saw the tutor. “ Stop the car ! “ I said. She looks like she’s crying. What’s wrong with her ? Aish, why do I care about her ? She’s just a tutor. But, it’s not nice seeing a girl like that. I walked out of the car and walk to her. “ IU-shi “ I called her. She turn back looking at me. Her eyes teary ! She shocked looking at me so she immediately look to the front and wipe her tears.

Then, she look back at me. “ O’ Wooyoung-shi, what are you doing here ? “ she ask me with an awkward smile on her face. I look at right in her eyes. She became awkward and look up and down to herself. “What’s wrong Wooyoung shi ? “ she asked me, rubbing her neck. I took her hand and pull her to the park nearer. Before that, I told the driver to wait for me at the café.

We arrived at the park and I ask her to wait for me at the bench. I go and buy an ice cream for her and myself. Then, I walked back to her and hand her the ice cream. “ Thank you “ she thanked me as I took a sit beside her. I saw her didn’t eat her ice cream, so I asked her , “ Why aren’t you eating ? You didn’t like the flavor ? “ I ask her but she didn’t answered me.

I waited for her answer but she still didn’t answer. “ Let me buy the other flavor “ I said and when I about to stand up, she pull my hand. “ It’s okay. This is fine “ she said and smile. I took a sit back. “ Just cry if you want to “ I said after an awkward silent. I look at her, tsk she’s already crying. Her tears already flow on her cheek. “ You can lean on me if you want to “ Damn ! Why am I so nice to her ?! What happen to you Wooyoung-ah !

“ It’s okay. You let me cry infront of you. It’s totally fine already “ she said and smile. Her smile is so adorable. Please don’t make me go crazy over you girl. I don’t want to. Shishh ! I wrap my arms around her shoulder and pull her to me so that she can lean her head on my shoulder. “ This will make you feel better “ I told her. She pull up back her head and look at me. She smile to me, “ Thank you “ and lean back to my shoulder.

“ You’re welcome “ I whispered.


He wrap his arms around my shoulder and pull me to him so that I can lean my head on his shoulder. “ This will make you feel better “ he told me. I pull up back my head and look at him. I smile to him, “ Thank you “ and lean back to his shoulder.


“ You’re welcome “ he whispered. But I still can hear that. He’s so nice to me. I’m so thankful. If he’s not there just now, I think I might did the same thing like Jiyeon. But maybe not. I will be strong for Jiyeon. Because I love her so much. She’s my soul. She’s with me whenever I’m in trouble or not. She’s there for me when I need her.

After 30 minutes sitting at the park and leaning on him, finally I pull up my head and look at him. “ Wooyoung-shi, thank you for leaning your shoulder “ I said and smile at him. He look at me and nods. “ No problem “ he said. He didn’t smile but I know he’s sincere when saying that. “ I’m going back now ! “ I said cheerfully and stand up. He stand up too.

“ Going back already ? “ he ask. I nods and smile. “ Ne ! “ I replied. “ Let me send you home “ he said and pull me with him. “ O’ Wooyoung-shi “ My eyes widened when he pull me suddenly. I never expected that he would pull me with him. “ I can go home by myself “ I told him. He didn’t say anything and just pull me to his car. He push me inside his car and ask the driver to drive.

“ Wooyoung-shi, you’re too nice. You don’t have to .. “ Umphh, Oh. My. God. I can’t finished my words because he. Just. Kiss. Me. On. The. Lips. “.. be so nice to me “ I continue after he broke the kiss. I was so ashamed. I leaned to the couch and look down. I don’t dare to look at him. He’s so scary. Yah ! How can you kiss me like that !!!!!!!!! Aish ~ STRESS !!!

Omo ! When are we going to reach my home. I’m so sleepy already. I can’t open my eyes and paap ! Yeah, I’m in the middle of sleep and aww the pillow in this car is so good.

Wooyoung POV

I saw her can’t open her eyes anymore. Maybe she’s sleepy. But I just ignore her since I’m too embarrassed because kissing her just now on all of sudden. Oh Gosh ! Why I did that ? I can see her blushing too. Aish ! Wooyoung-ah, what happen to you ?! No no no no, I think maybe I just pity on her because she’s looks sad. Yeah, yeah that’s right !

Suddenly, paap ! She fall on my thigh. Aigoo ~ she looks so adorable when she’s asleep. Looks cute and oh my god. She really make my heart thump and beat faster. I her cheek and latch her hair to the back of her ear. I touch her lips that I just kissed just now. But then, I heard the driver sang.

You touch my heart baby ( touch touch )
You touch my heart baby ( touch touch )

“ Yah ! Shut up ! She’s sleeping “ I scold him. “ Hehe, master don’t get angry. I can see love flying around here “ he said. Aish, it’s so annoying to get the driver that his age is just like me. “ Stop the crap. Just keep driving “ I scold him once again.




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Vyeon_ #1
Chapter 56: Yeyy i finally finished your story. It's so great and interesting <3 you know many suffer of their life makes me pale but of course i know at the end that they would have been an happy ending so I'm happy for your ending. ^^
Chapter 9: Hello! I just wanna tell you that somebody plagiarized and copied this chapter here

You might wanna have a talk with her
moon_babydino #3
Chapter 55: so fast to forgive jiyeon :/
moon_babydino #4
Chapter 54: yeah ! he deserve that punishment !!!! 6 years is not enough to you myungsoo compare to all you have done to her >.< still hate you :P
moon_babydino #5
Chapter 51: stupid myungsooo youre really stupid

sorry but i can't stop crying here HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU ! T____________T
moon_babydino #6
Chapter 41: indeed! while reading this i really want to kill myungsoo. he's so violent and harsh !!!! felt sorry to jiyeonie :(
moon_babydino #7
Chapter 30: my feeling right now is sooooooooo heavy ! T___________T

wae? wae? *sob