6 barely graduated high school students with various personalities from different backgrounds are always famous with one thing they have in common – which is being a troublemaker. Despite of their good grades in academic and sports, their unacceptable behavior had caused them a struggle to be accepted into college. However, the bad luck turns right round when they received an offer from an academy. Such an exclusive, sophisticated with high-education academy would be a turning-of-life event opportunity for these 6 teenage girls. But there seems to be something wrong about the academy that makes them feel unsettle and somehow they decided to uncover the truth behind it. Would it be worth it, if it cost their lives?



Thriller-horror, suspense, fantasy, romance




A REMAKE OF THE UNFINISHED FANFICTION, "QUINSPIRE-ONE HIGH SCHOOL" (2012) by Author Kimbab (yes, that was my old account. couldn't get back to it anymore, too bad). Anyway, this time I had comeback with more intense and dramatic writing style. Also, I will be recommending some songs in the story for you to listen to in certain scenes for a better experience. 

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