Like Candy

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Byun Baekhyun is the cold and aloof CEO of Ghost, a lucrative PR firm.
Unknown to his staff, he isn’t purposely being such an …
He’s actually painfully shy and finds it difficult to speak to others!

Kim Seol has been an intern at Ghost for two years and like everyone
she works with — she avoids CEO Byun. When she finds out his secret, 
however, she's forced to concede maybe she's got Byun BaekHyun all wrong...


As their intense relationship sweetens, so does the stacking opposition
against them. BaekHyun struggles to be the CEO he knows his company needs, 
while Seol faces a terbulant, messy past. But they will find comfort and strength
from a surprising source:

Each other. 


“Tell me what you're waiting for...”



Like Candy
fanfic by sinfulfiction





Office romance with a sweet twist~

> pairing:
Byun baekhyun (28) & oc Kim Seol (24)
[faced by jo bo ah]
> extended cast:

[from left to right]:

Kim Seona [faced by girls day yura] 27, chanyeol 27, seulgi 26, taehyung 24, krystal [soojung] 25




> Authors Note:
This fic is based loosely on the K-Drama My Shy Boss, which
I’ve just finished so that’s where the inspiration has come from for this.

((I highly recommend it. It's sooo good!! CLick here to watch on netflix))
I will, however, be changing things so it won’t follow the storyline of the k-drama.

My posting schedule might be chaotic due to my busy personal life, but I'll try my best 
> warnings:

this fic will contain swearing and mild adult themes not suitable for young readers.
(mentions of , no graphic descriptions but certainly touching / suggestions etc) 
Those chapters will be rated. If i had to give it a rating, I'd say



Accept my invitation, your hand is almost there
Feel the temperature, let it melt a little
Girl I’m your candy
Nervous time, don’t you let me down
I have no other choice but you...

> BaekHyun, Candy.


> Other Works:
Please check out my co-authored work, Bite Me. It's a BaekYeol fic [:

> Extra:

Cute fan-art by CigaretteKisses - thank you ❤


> Credits:


Beautiful poster made by Caravans at CHXRRY Graphic shop. Please check the shop
out for stunning graphics!  

Amazing review by xXxmani923xXx at Obsession Multi Shop:

"This by far was one of the best fanfictions I've reviewed so far! Honestly, I absolutely loved the idea. I'm not one to watch dramas anymore (I never have time for tv) but this fanfiction really makes me want to look up the drama that inspired your story and watch it lol I think you're in the right direction when it comes to writing your story, so keep up the amazing work! As a reader, I want to say thank you for giving me such a fantastic Baekhyun fic to read! :)" 

LAYOUT BY  DAYDREAM。 layout gallery

Sorry for the long wait everyone! I'm not ignoring this fic, I've just been really ill recently and not logged into AFF. I will try get an update posted for this ASAP! <3 <3


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Chapter 3: I can clearly imagine Baekhyun as a startled puppy, must be so cute and innocent 😍
Baek is so cute in this story! I hope you can update soon :)
still missing this story omg i hope the author is okay
AiiSoo #4
This story is just too cute. Well, not only cute, it also has other elements too. But the thought that the shy Ghost Puppy likes to eat candies of different flavors is just too cute. Baekhyun must’ve though that Seol is weird whenever she sniffed him. Hahaha.
I’m curious about Seol’s backstory though. Her sour relationship with her mom is understandable when her mom acts like that with her. But I’m more curious about the beef she had with her sister. It seemed like she stole Seol’s boyfriend or something. I think it’s somehow related to love..?
Thank you for this interesting story..! I’ll anticipate how Seol’s friendship with Baekhyun will develop. And also her friendship with Chanyeol too.
Nath_2020 #5
Chapter 9: i miss this story 😭
i miss this storyyy stilll 😭😭
i miss this storyyy 😭
Chapter 9: I felt like I was watching “my shy boss” but with better cast and storyline. Thank you for writing this ❤️
Chapter 9: i just binged this and much in the same way i get hooked by kdramas, I'm hooked on this fic. i haven't seen the kdrama that inspired it (though its now on my list) so i dont know how much it follows but the flow of this fic really feels like im watching a drama lol i dont know how else to explain it, it's like i can picture every detail in such detail as if i'm wathicng one...yk :P i like seol and her stubborn/headstong personality and as chanyeol said it gels well with our ghost-puppy. the whole dynamic is cute and fun to read! chanyeol is just playing chanyeol so whats not to like ^^ all the character relationships are well written and i hope seulgi and seol make up soon!!! i look forward to how the company night will go and if a certin ceo show up <.< i'm also intregued how the rest of the plots will play out. keep up the good work~

p.s. this fic gots me craving candy so much hahaha