Love Potion || Enchantment




Let the one who drinks this wine, shower me with love's divine, sweet love potion, make his love forever mine



Jungkook was a prince and only heir to the throne. On his twenty-first birthday the king and queen through a ball for him to choose his future queen. He received many gifts for his birthday, one, in particular, was a gift of wine. Little did he know it was a love potion, meant to make the first person the prince saw fall in love with. Only, things didn’t go to plan and his eyes fell onto another.




This is a sister story to my other story; Love Potion




Copyright ©DeadRose, 2011 Hi DeadRose here! First of all, thank you for giving time to read and subscribe to my story. Secondly, I do NOT own any of the characters in this story. Some scenes may have been based on true life experience while some came from my imagination. Anything similar to yours or other stories are 110% coincidental. I absolutely do not PLAGIARIZE any of your works. Thank you.


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Ohhh this looks interesting! I will also go back and read the sister story to this one!!!!